Monday, October 3, 2011

i'm a REAL kid..soon mika will be :)

Hello, how was your weekend? Mine was pretty quiet but we managed to get some things for baby no.2 and went to settle Mika's school registration on Saturday. Boy my son dah besar! Nak masuk sekolah dah. After surveying here and there, we have decided that Real Kids, PH is the best for him. Mika will be in the Pre-1 class which is an English Medium Programme, 3.5 hours daily and the subjects are English (Sounds & Writing), Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Maths, Early Science, Character Building/Agama, Junior Music Programme, WAU (World Around Us), CALIT (Computer Aided Learning & IT), Art & Craft, and Swimming & Gymnastics. The environment looks OK and there's a kids' size pool too. The centre macam seberang jalan je from our house. Upon registration, Mika dapat 2 sets of school uniform and they are FREE :) I pulak excited nak beli bag, shoes and stationery for him.

passport size photo to give to the school
senyum macam kena paksa..huhuh..
i tak teman kan dia time ni, kena jaga kereta coz double park

Done with the registration, we headed to IOI mall for lunch + light shopping. Sigh, patut boleh pergi Empire. Nak pergi Subang sure jam, Pyramid dah lambat. Before keluar rumah panas betul, so I happily la tinggalkan the laundry outside, then jemur Mika's pillows. We were out tak lama pon, about 2 hours plus..bila balik tuh, hujan selebat-lebatnya. Memang basah la baju then luckily pillows tuh my neighbour tolong ketepikan. 2 kali jadi dah macam ni, so next time if nak keluar sekejap pon, must not leave the clothes outside. Weather sekarang unpredictable.

the boy trying out his school uniform
tapi the pants baggy eh? huhuh..mika mika dah besar dah kamu


farra8979 said...

hensem boy.. dah nak g school, yeay!!!

raF|za said...

hello :)
tuh la, kejap je nak pergi school dah