Friday, October 28, 2011

hear me out

It's already Friday and I have so many things to do come weekend. Things to do this weekend or at least some of it:
  • Wash baby's clothes. My idea is basuh sendiri sebab kena guna that baby detergent then send it to the laundry shop to dry. That way jimat masa nak hang and all
  • Fix the baby cot sebab current state untuk baby besar :)
  • Then wash the baby carrier, rocker and whatnots
  • Arrange bilik Mika to make way for the baby cot
  • Pack hospital bag!
  • Also find mattress for the single bed in the maid's room
Also semalam Mika was unwell. Dia kan flu + cough like since last week and doc dah cakap if tak ok after a week kena datang balik. Had to leave the office at 4pm to fetch him and demam dah kurang dah masa tuh. I pon tak bagi dia any fever medicine that evening sebab nak gi clinic. His throat is red and doc has prescribed antibiotics for him. Fed him dinner and medicine then pukul 3 pagi, mamat ni dah terbangun. Tossing around tapi tak demam la, sempat suruh I tepuk² dia. This morning, I tak hantar to the bbsitter but to mom's instead. Hubby pon WFH je, so anything senang. I was supposed to drive on my own la kan since hubby tak pergi office tapi my car pulak tak nak start. I suspect dia merajuk sebab dah lama idle and mesti sebab battery ni. Wanted to drive hubby's car but dia cakap dia nak okay la. Mika pon ikut :)

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