Monday, October 10, 2011

girls with shopping..cannot be separated

Dah 2 posts baru nak update pasal weekend. So how was your weekend? Mine was spent with looking for stuffs and also light shopping for the lil one.

We went to IKEA and The Curve last Saturday coz I plan to get some items...

 ....tapi bila fikir balik, dia bagi quilt cover which I know with the weather like this (and also from experience), akan jarang digunakan, end up jadi perhiasan je and for the fitted sheet that comes in that package can easily get that fitted sheet anywhere. Bumper pad pon plain cancel. First time pergi IKEA beli barang tak sampai 5 item pon. We bought fitted sheet, small towel, wardrobe rack for Mika, toilet bowl brush (ni pon nak beli ke?huhuh) then apa lagi eh..tuh je kot. Then headed to the brands outlet sebab kat sana banyak sikit barang² compare to the one at IOI..and managed to grab these cute lil sleepsuits.

too cute to to say no bila nampak benda comel sebegini?

From IKEA, pergi Subang sebab nak cari sandal Mika dekat Sports Direct but tak jumpa. Then terasa nak makan nasi ayam Kak Laili so we tahpau that first sebelum balik rumah. Sampai PH hujan selebat-lebatnya.  Memang perfect weather untuk bergolek-golek with the loved ones but satu je yang tergolek, Mika tak nak tidur and I had to accompany him tengok Ultraman.

Petang sikit pergi check out clearance sale at USJ 19 mall, tak berapa menarik sangat but dalam tak menarik I manage to grab 2 pairs of shirt & pants for the lil one then dinner at nearby restaurant. Singgah kejap at mom's sebab nak collect stuffs I bought online. Hubby then went out to see his friends, I dengan Mika la sibuk check out the new stuffs..Mika so far tak nampak la jealous which I hope he will remain the same sampai dia jumpa adik dia nanti.

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