Friday, October 7, 2011

friday post

Last Tuesday, bbsitter Mika told me that got two cases of HFMD kat nursery. The first girl yang kena, got it from luar and brought it to the nursery. So to be safe, nursery will be closed on Thursday and Friday for cleaning purpose. Who come to the rescue then? Of course la my dear mom :) Nasib la rumah dekat je, so not a hassle to drop him there and I dah siap² belikan breakfast for them. Mika kalau duduk dengan orang lain, baik dia lain macam sikit. Macam terlampau baik. Cepat la dapat least tak bersalah sangat nanti bila nak tinggalkan Mika with my mom. Talking bout maid, yes, we are in the process of getting one. InsyaAllah, if all turn well, will share it here. Hopefully boleh dapat by Nov which is our target. If still maidless by next year, might have to stick with the current bbsitter for both.

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