Sunday, October 16, 2011

finally bought the crib set

Remember semalam I mention nak ambil katil from rumah in-laws? We were supposed to take the X-trail but my bro ni pergi silentkan phone, call tak berangakat so we headed to BM terus without the car. My parents were out, so dah pesan kat dia la we all nak amik key. Well, lepas dismantle tengok² muat, just nice. Just that Mika had to sit in front and I volunteered to drive sebab tidak larat untuk menampung berat budak tuh, sakit perut I nanti. Dah la Mika dalam kereta kalau tak strap to his car seat, tak boleh duduk diam. The maid's room dah complete, except nak beli mattress je. Maid je belum sampai lagi.

After leaving kakak helper tuh dekat rumah for about 5 hrs, we then sent her home. I gave kakak my old bags and purse and some food, happy betul dia. We then headed to the baby store. Now the online shop dah ada new branch at KJ, ok la..dekat and open everyday. And yes, after contemplating of buying and not to buy..I've decided to get the crib set for the small one. Kesian la pulak, sebab barang abang dia macam dah 3 tahun dan dah guna berkali-kali, so a new crib set won't do much harm kan? Considering barang² lain pakai abang dia punya je.

settled for bumble bee sebab quality ok and price reasonable and on discount too!
this time around, i pilih this design
mika excited nak keluarkan from the bag, so dia rasmikan dulu plus need to wash anyway

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