Monday, October 10, 2011

congratulations sister!

Congrats to my dear sis! Dah graduate dah kamu. Luckily her convo was held at MMU itself so I can easily go without having the need to take leave or even half day leave. My bro parked his car at the Park&Ride, then hubby pergi fetch him then only fetch I. Sampai MMU about 11.40am like that and they dropped me off first sebab parking agak jauh (but turned out they managed to find a spot nearby sangat dekat). My sis was already waiting outside for us and according to mom, everything went smoothly. By 12 noon, semua dah settle. We went separate ways sebab my parents nak balik PH straight, then hubby just had I tahpau je la. Plus nak pergi dinner petang nanti, so thought of leaving the office early.

orang yang diraikan berdiri tepi sekali, ni semua sebab tanah tak even
saya yang bulat kat tengah pulak 
 objek yang difokuskan adalah di bahagian kiri yer, bukan kanan sekali :P

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