Tuesday, September 27, 2011

wah, ni memang overdue ni

I realise that my posts banyak yang backtrack but biar la..still want to update bout my Iftar with the girls. Better late than never. Plus every year ada update..not going to miss this year's one too. Every year the girls and I will make the effort to meet up for Iftar. Despite our busy schedule and nak cari time where everybody is free to meet up, we try to Iftar together as part of the annual event. Click 2008, 2009 and 2010(i), 2010(ii) & 2010(iii) for previous years' sessions :)

This year's one was kinda last minute plan sebab sedar tak sedar macam dah nak habis Ramadhan and we still haven't got the chance to meet up. I can't remember when exactly the date but I believe macam almost to the end of Ramadhan. Initially we wanted to go to Ole-ole Bali tapi tak boleh nak reserve and it was already full house by 6pm, so opted for Italiannies, Empire. Managed to grab a table to fit 9 of us including Eisha's step son but sadly Ereen had to decline, in-laws came I think.

Faz's birthday baru je lepas so we decided to celebrate it again complete with a cake and candle. That time everybody was too full jadi one piece of cake share ramai², tuh pon macam tak habis. I know Faz happy dapat celebrate with us and like wise, Faz! Just look at her expressions below :)

Last but not least, another photo of US in front of the restaurant. Would be complete if Ereen could make it..takpe la, next year ada lagi.

p/s: after checking back my email, this event was on Aug 21st, Sunday :) semangat sungguh nak tahu date

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