Monday, September 26, 2011

HER special day :)

Faz invited me over to her house for makan²+merisik ceremony. Kebetulan I memang takde plan that evening just that hubby not around as he got football match in the evening and I pon tak sure my mom available ke tak to look after Mika. Nasib dia available and quickly book her on Friday. Before this kalau nak pergi rumah Faz macam dekat sangat..jalan kaki pon sampai but not anymore. I miss those moments duduk Subang where everything is reachable within mins. OK fret's HER big day, the beginning of everything. Whatever for you girlfriend! Ereen was already there bila I sampai, Eisha couldn't make it and Erin was out of town. Time sampai tuh dah habis, tinggal salam² and photo session. Happy for both of you! InsyaAllah the wedding will be held somewhere in April next year :) can't wait!

I'm just happy to be there and share the beautiful moment with her. Love you loads, girl and congrats! By the time I left it was already 6.45pm. Had to pick up Mika coz my parents got a wedding to attend that night.

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