Wednesday, September 28, 2011

early morning explosion

Laa..baru semalam update a post which relates to meletup pulak. Happened early this morning and according to the news, explosion started from Starbucks which is located at G floor of the mall. Explosion can be heard by nearby residents in SS17 and as far as SS14. SS17 is where my family used to live. So memang dekat sangat la, jalan kaki pon boleh sampai. Selalu pergi Empire, macam almost every weekend sebab banyak tempat makan and also nice shops like ToysRUs, Charles&Keith, Tangs, DP, Pumpkin Patch..banyak la. If nak meet up pon, we prefer to go here. Mika pon pandai cakap nak pergi everytime we pass by. Looking at the photos, macam teruk la damage and tak tahu la bila boleh fully recovered. Walaupon sedih, but thank God bukan daytime dan no casualties ..I cannot imagine if it's daytime sebab siapa² pon boleh ada kat situ. My sis-in-law pon nasib dah tukar to KLIA  branch, she used to manage C&K there. Some of the photos I've took from the net and I've shared this link in my FB and Twitter jugak..can see more photos in there. Dahsyat sungguh..

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