Wednesday, September 28, 2011

early morning explosion

Laa..baru semalam update a post which relates to meletup pulak. Happened early this morning and according to the news, explosion started from Starbucks which is located at G floor of the mall. Explosion can be heard by nearby residents in SS17 and as far as SS14. SS17 is where my family used to live. So memang dekat sangat la, jalan kaki pon boleh sampai. Selalu pergi Empire, macam almost every weekend sebab banyak tempat makan and also nice shops like ToysRUs, Charles&Keith, Tangs, DP, Pumpkin Patch..banyak la. If nak meet up pon, we prefer to go here. Mika pon pandai cakap nak pergi everytime we pass by. Looking at the photos, macam teruk la damage and tak tahu la bila boleh fully recovered. Walaupon sedih, but thank God bukan daytime dan no casualties ..I cannot imagine if it's daytime sebab siapa² pon boleh ada kat situ. My sis-in-law pon nasib dah tukar to KLIA  branch, she used to manage C&K there. Some of the photos I've took from the net and I've shared this link in my FB and Twitter jugak..can see more photos in there. Dahsyat sungguh..

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

wah, ni memang overdue ni

I realise that my posts banyak yang backtrack but biar la..still want to update bout my Iftar with the girls. Better late than never. Plus every year ada update..not going to miss this year's one too. Every year the girls and I will make the effort to meet up for Iftar. Despite our busy schedule and nak cari time where everybody is free to meet up, we try to Iftar together as part of the annual event. Click 2008, 2009 and 2010(i), 2010(ii) & 2010(iii) for previous years' sessions :)

This year's one was kinda last minute plan sebab sedar tak sedar macam dah nak habis Ramadhan and we still haven't got the chance to meet up. I can't remember when exactly the date but I believe macam almost to the end of Ramadhan. Initially we wanted to go to Ole-ole Bali tapi tak boleh nak reserve and it was already full house by 6pm, so opted for Italiannies, Empire. Managed to grab a table to fit 9 of us including Eisha's step son but sadly Ereen had to decline, in-laws came I think.

Faz's birthday baru je lepas so we decided to celebrate it again complete with a cake and candle. That time everybody was too full jadi one piece of cake share ramai², tuh pon macam tak habis. I know Faz happy dapat celebrate with us and like wise, Faz! Just look at her expressions below :)

Last but not least, another photo of US in front of the restaurant. Would be complete if Ereen could make it..takpe la, next year ada lagi.

p/s: after checking back my email, this event was on Aug 21st, Sunday :) semangat sungguh nak tahu date

Monday, September 26, 2011

dinner at ellie's

Later that night, went to Ellie's house to settle something. She took the trouble masak nasi goreng + nuggets mesti la makan bertambah² kan. Memang plan nak gi dinner pon but nasib baik jugak sebab budak kecik tuh dah selamat tidur. Masuk kereta terus tidur..dah sampai rumah Ellie pon tak sedar..balik angkat dia pon dia mamai². Letih sangat la tuh + kekenyangan. We brought him for lunch that day makan ayam penyet..then time I tinggal kan dia with my parents, my mom bawak dia jalan² and fed him fried rice. OK, as long as dia nak makan..I'm totally fine with it. Owh, Mika dah tak perlu jab sampai 6/7 yrs old dah. The last one was Hep A kot and though it's optional tapi sekarang ni semua macam perlu kan. Told the doc that I still want her to be the second one's Paed if I deliver at CA lagi.

 ye ye lengan saya besar
 flat habis..dalam kereta air-cond, sampai rumah ellie air-cond mana nak jaga kan

HER special day :)

Faz invited me over to her house for makan²+merisik ceremony. Kebetulan I memang takde plan that evening just that hubby not around as he got football match in the evening and I pon tak sure my mom available ke tak to look after Mika. Nasib dia available and quickly book her on Friday. Before this kalau nak pergi rumah Faz macam dekat sangat..jalan kaki pon sampai but not anymore. I miss those moments duduk Subang where everything is reachable within mins. OK fret's HER big day, the beginning of everything. Whatever for you girlfriend! Ereen was already there bila I sampai, Eisha couldn't make it and Erin was out of town. Time sampai tuh dah habis, tinggal salam² and photo session. Happy for both of you! InsyaAllah the wedding will be held somewhere in April next year :) can't wait!

I'm just happy to be there and share the beautiful moment with her. Love you loads, girl and congrats! By the time I left it was already 6.45pm. Had to pick up Mika coz my parents got a wedding to attend that night.

Friday, September 23, 2011

On leave

Hello. I'm on leave today tapi bukan for leisure pon. Need to settle some stuffs. Pagi2 lagi dah buat trip to lhdn with hubby to cop the duty stamps. I'm accepting the ujrah option for that dear p.t.ptn. Settlekan terus la..if not bila lagi nak settle. If pay thru salary cut at least monthly tak miss. After friday prayer got appointment with mika's paed. He's due for his 2.5 - 3 yrs old jab. Lama dah tak kena jab, macam mana la nanti. Then i nak check out maternity package and price then terus book appointment for next checkup. Ok, later!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

lawatan ke rumah belakang

Lepas photoshoot session, we made a trip to visit rumah my parents yang under renovation now. Macam la jauh sangat trip, belakang rumah sewa my mom je. Memang in a mess lagi but basically I boleh agak la how it will turn up bila dah siap nanti. A lot of work, a lot of consultation, a lot of money involved too! whatever it is, I salute my mom sebab she's the main anchor here with ideas, suggestions, dealing with ppl then semua orang yang dia deal tuh, dia ajak datang rumah beraya. From the guy yang buat kitchen cabinet to the guy yang tolong designkan the plan, semua pon jadi anak angkat dia. Then contractor-in-charge is actually a friend of Abah's. So dapat la negotiate sana sini sikit. I didn't put much of the house photos sebab macam tak siap pon lagi plus bukan my house pon. Nanti orang cakap over pulak :P

window dekat tangga facing fish pond

better late than never!

OK sebab first raya semua orang dekat tempat lain-lain untuk ambil gambar, we have decided to gather one day just so we can take photos and konon gambar kenangan la :) This is the 3rd time we are doing it and this year, gather dekat rumah lain dan juga bukan rumah betul. Takpe la, janji ada gambar kan? Dress up pakai baju raya macam 1st raya cuma yer la, the feeling mesti la lain. Kalau 1st raya kan cam seronok with the mood and all but better something than nothing. The shots were taken after 2 weeks raya. Had breakfast at Umi's then click click away..Mika pulak, tak leh nak concentrate. Sibuk tengok duit raya yang memang purposely bagi dekat dia so dia boleh focus but jadi lain pulak akhirnya.  

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

jalan-jalan naik lrt

Raya holidays was well spent with the loved ones and this mini family of mine. On the 4th day of Raya, we brought Mika jalan-jalan naik train. I notice that some of the bloggers already brought their kids naik train, so why not kan sementara tengah cuti ni. Park dekat Paramount Garden. Initial plan nak pergi Ampang Park, lunch at Cozy House tapi my mom call that morning and invited us for dinner there lepas visit my nanny in the cancel. KL Sentral it is.

update kejap

Hey so many things to post tapi everytime nak post, macam malas. Setelah berminggu² tak drive pergi kerja, hari ni kena drive sebab hubby got activities after work. Nak ikut my sister tak boleh pulak sebab she's leaving early today. I still tak post any Raya entries huh? I've uploaded the photos in FB though cuma bila nak edit² dan letak kat sini macam..MALAS nya :) Anyways, semalam pergi 29th weeks checkup and next check up which is in 2 weeks time will be at the hospital pulak. In 2 week times I'll be 31 weeks..cepat pulak masa berlalu. Baby is doing fine, Alhamdulillah. Elok je dia duduk muat² dalam perut, doc cakap his head dah dekat bawah..which is good. No wonder la I asyik nak pergi toilet je. Even masa I pregnant kan Mika dulu pon perut padat², size perut tak besar mana pon..tapi dia padat :D Kira my last check up la dekat clinic and just in time sebab doc will be away from Oct - Nov, pergi Haji. Thanks doc for your advise and all :) Selamat menunaikan Haji, selamat pergi dan balik.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

celebrate birthday abah

5th Sept was Abah's birthday and to celebrate, we had dinner at Serai, Empire. That day was the same day we surveyed for Mika's school which to be told in another entry kalau I ingat :) Met them at 7.45pm there and since dah buat reservation, no need to rush and all knowing that how pack that restaurant can be during lunch/dinner hour. Lagi best sebab hubby and I masih cuti. My dad, bro and sis semua dah start kerja. My bro no choice la kot sebab my dad dah kerja, nanti bos dah kerja dia tak kerja lagi sure rasa tak best :P

Anyways, enjoy the photos below :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

potong rambut

Selalu pergi gunting rambut dekat mamak je but this time around, we brought him to saloon pulak 2 weeks before Raya. Konon nak potong gaya lain sikit..ok la..dia potong lain sikit tapi last Monday we went back to the mamak sebab rimas dengan rambut dia..pendek sikit la skrg rambut dia. Mika kalau rambut dia panjang, elok je straight dan lembut tapi bila pendek jadi cam cacak² dan kasar sikit.

bariani pak anjang

Later that evening, we went to this Pak Anjang Bariani restaurant for Iftar. Reservation pon buat last minute, pukul 6 kot baru buat dan nasib baik tempat duduk dapat dekat dalam. Not bad la Bariani dia. I tak la kaki bariani tapi kalau betul² sedap memang enjoy la makan (ke pregnant ni semua pon sedap je..hmmmm). Mika pon enjoy makan.

last Saturday before Raya

I notice ada 3 posts in apa kata kita upload this one dulu. Taken on Saturday before Raya. Time ni panggil helper suruh datang kemas/cuci rumah. Kakak ni dah la puasa, kerja non-stop. Rumah memang bersih betul dia buat. Tak suruh cuci lantai belakang pon dia bersihkan. Bayar pon tak mahal, memang worth it. Then dia happy sangat sebab I bekalkan dia 2 bags of food yang tak termakan.

after the long silence

Hellooooo..salam Aidilfitri, selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin :)

Lama eh tak update, I feel so lazy to do so. Overdose makan la ni. Somehow macam best pulak tak update so tak perlu susah² nak upload pics and all but for my own sake, update la jugak. How was your Raya? Mine macam best sebab cuti sampai Tuesday :) This time Raya baju adalah limited tapi at least ada improvement la sebab I bought 2 pieces of baju kurung compare to 2008 di mana baju kurung adalah pakai my mom punya je. Mula² ada la plan nak pakai kaftan modern tapi tak dapat cari mana yang best but I will share with you later the one I bought, ala² baju Kedah dan sangat comfy, price pon best.

Raya eve dekat rumah PIL, 1st day Raya beraya ke Muar side hubby then came back to PH, 2nd day Raya to Bahau overnight kat situ and this time tak duduk hotel, duduk rumah my grandma. Selesa pon selesa, siap tidur dalam bilik air-cond. 3rd day Raya ke kampung Abah dan malam tuh dah balik PH. Kira 4th day Raya tuh I memang dah ada kat sini la and the rest of the holidays were well spent with the loved ones. OK, I will update more kalau ada mood nanti with photos :)