Monday, August 22, 2011

wedding in june

Also happened in the month of June but this one was early of the month tak silap. That month jer 2 kali we all pergi rumah Erin for two different events. The best part is, semua food dia sedap. Oh my, still boleh teringat briani served on this day. Erin's lil sister tied the knot and held her reception the same day. Sebab ni macam serve, so waiter tuh akan letak kan nasi. Memula dia letak sikit je then I mengadu kat Erin, terus dia top up then tak cukup tuh, siap tambah lagi. Erin, the briani was awesome! Co-incidentally the girls and I were all dressed in purple/pink shade. Theme wedding pon that color, so memang masuk la we all. Time ni perut tak nampak sgt and still boleh fit baju default for wedding :D

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