Friday, August 19, 2011

think positive

HELLLLPPPPP! I've been extra busy this week. Sampai nak surf etc tak sempat. Ada one day, tak sempat nak online FB pon. From one meeting to another meeting. Loads of things to share and I need time in order for me to do that. Tapi dalam busy², manage to get baju melayu for the two boys and also one pair of kurung for yours truly. Kali ni amik bigger size untuk memuatkan perut and later if tak muat dah boleh la kot jual kat orang lain (tinggi nye cita-cita kamu untuk kembali ke pre-pregnancy shape, think positive think positive). This year's theme follow hubby punya taste sebab dia cakap nak recycle baju for his brother's wedding next yr..OK, no problem for me but definitely I tak recycle kot my baju, mesti nak yang lain kan. There's one thing though that is bothering me at the moment. I hope it will end in a +ve way, I have faith it will be and once it's over, I will definitely share it here. Got to go now, general assembly in 10 mins time. Later!

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