Sunday, July 24, 2011

still in progress

Sebab on Friday badan adalah sakit² (tapi sampai IKEA macam sihat je), I did not wake up that early pon on on Saturday plus it was raining. Dapat la tidur till 8. Bangun² tengok rumah senyap. Hubby must have brought Mika for breakfast and I was right, they came back with a pack of nasi lemak for me. Mika balik je dah jerit² dari bawah “Mommy, bangun. Mika dah beli nasi lemak ni..makan” Totally made my day :) We did not go anywhere sebab memang plan nak kemas his room. Called my brother for help to transfer things down. Cooked a simple lunch and around 5 kot the items arrived. We only asked for the bed to be assembled and for the blind, hubby can do it himself. Then went out for dinner at USJ Murni dan sebab baru makan lunch pukul 3, so kenyang lagi. Tahpau my food home and malam tidur awal. I did not even watch the football match that night. Ingat nak bangun balik to do some stuffs but my Saturday went by just like that.

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