Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good job!

Ok bola dah habis and can't believe i watched that match for that 90mins. Ingat when hubby not around and mika already asleep i'll do something else. I did actually tapi tv still bukak 831HD. Betulkan channel 831? Btw i think msia goalkeeper did a great job, macam dia sorang je main dgn ok and most of the ppl in FB commented bout the defender line yg tak seberapa. Entah, ye kot. Ni pukul berapa la hubby sampai rumah. Mesti congested habis nak keluar parking. Nevertheless i still wanna say good job Msia! Now i shall retire to bed untuk mendptkan my 8hr of sleep. Gdnite!

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bola bola bola

So it's Malaysia vs Spore today huh? Hubby pergi dan sampai hati tak invite I pergi pon. I tak la minat la sangat and definitely takkan pergi punya la but ajak je la kan?'s okay..bola je pon. Lain la kalau concert or anything else, memang kena la. Semalam ada la jugak dia tanya tak nak pergi ke..but if I jawab nak pon, boleh ke lagi pergi. He already bought the tickets on Monday. Takpe takpe..sila la pergi tengok. I tak nak pon berpanas-panasan kat situ, dah la pregnant :P Duduk rumah main scrabble lagi best. Org pregnant tak sesuai nak menjerit², berhimpit² macam tuh. Haih..this Saturday kena pergi Muar pulak. Ada wedding side hubby. Jauh nyeeeeeeee! Dah la nak puasa Isnin ni..why why nak kenduri last minute begini? Nanti kena control² tau *ehem ehem* Good news is I won't be bringing Mika. Sebab balik hari je, nanti dia I yang penat. My cousin pulak buat baca² doa selamat the same day for her new house, sorry babe tak dapat datang but nak tahpau roti jala PLEASEEEEE. Things are a bit crazy in the office, meetings, reports..bila free, free je. OK, back to work. Later!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

someone like you

This song is really something..I may be a late bloomer when it comes to Adele. The only song I know is that "Rolling In The Deep" song but when I listen to this..I got goosebumps. Maybe it's the hormone but definitely this song takes my breath away. Beautiful voice, beautiful song..I am an official fan of her now.

Monday, July 25, 2011

almost done, YEAY!

On Sunday, went for breakfast dekat the usual mamak. Before we went out, I tolak la kain dekat panas sebab memang panas pon. Kain dah cam nak kering sebab I basuh on Saturday evening so tinggal nak angin² la bagi dia bau matahari. Boleh pulak time bfast, hujan tiba² terpaksa la basuh lagi sekali. While I settlekan kain, hubby fix kan blind and this budak kecik apa lagi, excited semacam la. At one point I geram betul sebab dia jatuh tersungkur sebab main bawah awning kain tuh. Dah merah dah dahi. Kesian tengok dia jatuh tapi geram sebab tak dengar cakap. Dah jatuh tuh nampak la muka blur² gosok² dahi dia..alaa..ingat balik terus kesian. Nasib tak kuat mana. Then break kejap for lunch at mom’s. The Queen aka granny was here since last Friday tapi semalam dia follow my cousin balik dah, so pergi la mengadap..nanti cakap sombong pulak :P Mom cooked delicious ayam masak lemak, sambal tempoyak dengan ikan bilis dan sup bayam. Mika pulak my mom masakkan sup ayam..baik you mom :)

After lunch sambung balik to fix the curtains. We bought curtains yang length boleh alter. I'm not good when it comes to instructions, I lagi cepat pick up if orang hubby had to do the reading and show me how to. Sebab dah ada blind, the curtains tak perlu la too thick. Dah almost done with Mika’s room except to paint, fix wall light, fix shelves and air-cond. Basically his furniture were mostly bought in IKEA, sebab some of the stuffs macam not that expensive and design pon cantik. With the limited budget in hands, we managed to come out with this..boleh la kan..kalau confirm boy lepas ni (walaupon macam memang confirm), they will share the room..senang.









  mika looks happy dan seperti biasa terlebih excited

TROFAST toy storage series for his toys and whatnot and plan to add on more kot nanti for the 2nd one
 the bedframe is from the KRITTER's series
it came with one guard rail and we added another one

minum susu sampai ke atas kaki tuh
 we opted for the black TUPPLUR roller blind, length 200cm
key features for this blind: black out blind (main reason why we bought this)
and wall fitting for the blind cord; for increased child safety
 the curtain pulak murah je..GRÖNSKA PRICKAR curtains
tuh pon hari tuh I stumbled in one of the blogs I follow and asked for clarification
if you are reading this, thanks for the info dear

Alhamdulillah, one project is almost done. Basically I banyak refer to IKEA's website before I actually go and buy stuffs just to get rough idea and price quotation. Also hopefully the details provided above will be useful to you and it is not my intention to show off or whatsoever :)  Next project is lanai and also the 2nd room. Ada rumah memang macam ni kan, tak habis²..ada je benda nak buat kan. I wanna be a billionaire so freaking bad..

Sunday, July 24, 2011

still in progress

Sebab on Friday badan adalah sakit² (tapi sampai IKEA macam sihat je), I did not wake up that early pon on on Saturday plus it was raining. Dapat la tidur till 8. Bangun² tengok rumah senyap. Hubby must have brought Mika for breakfast and I was right, they came back with a pack of nasi lemak for me. Mika balik je dah jerit² dari bawah “Mommy, bangun. Mika dah beli nasi lemak ni..makan” Totally made my day :) We did not go anywhere sebab memang plan nak kemas his room. Called my brother for help to transfer things down. Cooked a simple lunch and around 5 kot the items arrived. We only asked for the bed to be assembled and for the blind, hubby can do it himself. Then went out for dinner at USJ Murni dan sebab baru makan lunch pukul 3, so kenyang lagi. Tahpau my food home and malam tidur awal. I did not even watch the football match that night. Ingat nak bangun balik to do some stuffs but my Saturday went by just like that.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

weekend's project

After work yesterday, we decided to shop for Mika’s stuffs and get his room which has been delayed for months to be completed this weekend. Fetched Mika and off we went to mana lagi kalau bukan IKEA. Dah survey banyak kali dah before this, so this time can just ambil and pay. We bought bed frame, mattress, curtains, blind, comforter set which are all in the list and also additional items like white/chalk board for Mika and some other stuffs. Sebab dah malam, the delivery can only be on the next day. Singgah uptown japs for dinner and dapat la makan sotong goreng tepung and lala while the boys makan chicken chop and meehoon goreng. More posts to come later :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

rendang ayam for breakfast

My mom posted a message on my wall this first I thought it came from my sister sebab my mom adalah sangat new to this FB world dan kekadang my sister yang tolong postkan stuffs in her FB..tapi bila tengok the time and where she posted it from..could be my mom jugak kot.

Btw, she too bought herself an Ipad 2. Semangat betul..dia cakap nak tengok interior design stuffs and all for her house renovation reference. Ok after eating the rendang with entah berapa keping roti, I definitely need something to help me stay awake. Kenyanggggggg sangaaattt ni..Alhamdulillah.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

nak shopppinnngggg

Rasa nak shoppinggggg..tgk wardrobe banyak baju dah tak muat..ishhh..dulu before pregnant kan Mika, my size was XS..if MNG punya baju kena pakai all those baju XS dah ditukar with S or sometimes M size. I rasa the first 6 mths lepas Mika lahir I macam kurus lagi la..bukan la kurus tapi macam shrink, I guess sebab bfeed kot so berat macam cepat je turun. Then weight adalah stagnant dan ada la satu masa terlebih kg sikit and by the time I pregnant kan with the 2nd one, my weight adalah 4*kg..I never got the chance to shed those 2kg extra, makan je mana tak nye kan. Heh..sekarang I dah 5 bulan pregnant, time check up 4 bulan my weight telah naik dengan jayanya ke angka 5*kg. Macam 4 kg dalam 4 bulan, tapi in a way bagus la kan. Alhamdulillah. For this time I hope tak perlu la nak discard existing baju yang dah bersize S/M tuh..rugi..macam banyak. I hope to get back to my usual size too after deliver nanti so I can fit into my jeans yang memang saja beli size kecik². Can't wait for the arrival of the 2nd one. I wonder how the baby will look like this time..another Joe Jr? Btw, we already know the gender. Another hero in the house :) I takde gang la macam ni tapi takpe, banyak la bodyguard I nanti. Bak kata my friend "3 heroes to look after 1 hot mama" Eh hot ke? Bukan I cakap..I'm just quoting :P Can't waitttttt. Mika is extremely happy sebab ada kawan, dia cakap nak main lawan². Even dulu I ada tanya dia, dia nak baby boy or girl, he replied confident je, baby boy..then one time tuh I cam angguk², tiba² je dia macam nak pujuk I kot dia cakap "Mommy nak baby girl eh?" Seriously I'm not making this up..this lil boy memang pandai cakap. Ok boy or girl, it doesn't matter..dah rezeki kan, yang penting bersyukur dan sihat walafiat :) See, merepek² dah..nak cakap pasal shopping dan baju masuk benda lain. Baby is actively kicking..ada serupa time Mika gaks, active je. I know two is very challenging to handle but you got to experience it to know kan? Orang lain boleh je handle three at one go and with family support and not to forget husband too, InsyaAllah boleh. Ok before I merepek² lagi..better stop now.

p/s: Malam tadi mimpi Aaron Aziz. that dream dia macam my bestfriend..haih boleh pulak ke Aaron Aziz pergi nye. Oh Mika tau which one is AA btw :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

sunday's activities

Sunday pulak we went to IKEA awal² pagi. Ni continuous from this entry. That day we only bought the storage and wardrobe for him so this time nak check out katil pulak. Bila cakap nak beli katil, Mika dah cakap "Tapi Mika tidur dengan mommy lagi kan sekarang, tak nak sleep bilik Mika" Dia takut bila dah ada katil tak boleh nak sleep in our room lagi. 

We reached there around 10 and time sampai dah ada orang siap beli barang dan dah balik dah. Sale la katakan. We already have one design in mind. I ingat hubby nak survey and buy later and he thought I pon macam tuh. See..miscommunication that resulted us not buying anything there. Hubby siap perli cakap amazing betul I tak beli apa². Yer la I nak beli katil tuh, but I ingat dia yang tak nak beli dulu. Mika pon macam dah suka. Sigh, must come again next time and also tak dapat pon nak beli curtain ke apa as planned. Ramai orang..pfft..Sunday, what do you expect kan? Sebab tak dapat beli curtain, we checked out other places too but for Mika’s room..rasa IKEA’s stuffs will do kot and when we looked elsewhere for the bed, macam dah suka sangat with the one yang dekat IKEA plus affordable. Haishh..should have just grab it yesterday. 

Took a nap in the afternoon, well not me the boys la..I sibuk main scrabble je. Then petang tuh, I prepare stuffs to cook fried spaghetti for dinner. Hubby has volunteered to cook but supervised by me sebab semalam I bising cakap badan saya seorang yang mengada. Then my parents dropped by kejap bagi us some durian from kampung..i just amik 6 ulas je kot, durian tuh ok berlemak tapi kurang manis. I ok je dengan durian but not to the extend sampai kena beli, kalau ada ada la, belum sampai tahap nak beli sendiri.

My weekend update je macam dah panjang lebar..well kalau boring dan rasa nak baca, sila la baca :)

saturday's activities dah Monday dah? Cepat nye. Dah la I pon macam update about weekend je lately. Like one weekend after another..cepat je masa berlalu. Last Saturday buat marketing and I bought stuffs to cook for lunch. Simple lauk je for lunch >> ikan cencaru bakar, sayur taugeh&tauhu masak lemak, sambal sotong dan ayam goreng dengan tepung KFC. I chose that menu sebab diri sendiri rasa nak makan ikan bakar dan sayur masak lemak. Tuh pon ambil masa berjam gaks la kat dapur sebab nak prepare and all. Sementara I masak, the boys main air kat bukan main air..basuh both cars. Mika more to main air..kejap² masuk toilet gi cuci tangan dia yang berbuih, pastu main buih lagi, pastu cuci tangan, sempat minum milk in between, makan keropok la dan juga sempat buat business..main² je dia.

Sampai sakit belakang sebab berdiri terlalu lama..berat kot. Lepas masak and lunch memang I flat, sakit belakang, cramp and all. Ishhh..macam exercise pulak sakit² badan. Dah la hubby macam nak tgk that Liverpool game at 5pm dan bukan di rumah nye, dia nak tengok with his friends..FINE..go ahead, dengan syarat..bring Mika out for makan/jalan² first. While daddy is out, I la layan Mika kat rumah and hobi dia adalah main lawan². Kalau cakap mommy girl, dia cari daddy dia la nak lawan but since his daddy is not around, I la kena entertain dia. I slept early that night but dikejutkan oleh hubby suruh makan burger. That time macam almost 10pm. Later after that, we watched a movie called “Hanna”. Movie pelik and as mentioned in FB, if not for Eric Bana, lama dah kot I tido.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

brother's birthday dinner

As mentioned here we went for an early dinner to celebrate my brother's birthday. That day kan macam roadblock sana sini, so to make it easy for all of us, pergi dekat² je. The environment and food not bad la..sama je with the branch in PJ. Can go here again next time. From the photos below, definitely banyak photos of Mika je, macam birthday dia pulak.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

new ticker

<<<------------------------------- Check out the new ticker ;)

I just realised that I rarely update about my pregnancy this time. If time permits, will update more after this, InsyaAllah.

Monday, July 11, 2011

weekend update la sangat

Morning Monday everyone! Datang office mesti ke nak blog? Heh..sometimes u have to sebab nak cari idea kerja and also to kill the Monday blues. As planned, Saturday adalah hari duduk rumah diam² dan bergotong royong memBERSIHkan rumah. More to master bedroom and floor atas actually, tukar bedsheets, vacuum and mop, lap tingkap.

Memang tak pergi mana pon morning sampai la petang..except for lunch I pergi makan dekat rumah my mom. Mika ni dia tak tidur makan pon sikit², so mood agak tak best sikit bila time dia penat. Ok takpe, since dia baru baik demam, layan kan je la. Masuk-masuk kereta je terus dia terlelap. From my mom’s house to our house macam 5-7 min je kot. Penat sangat la tuh.

Petang pergi dinner at VS, USJ to celebrate my brother’s birthday (his birthday was on the 5th) and will upload the pics later in another entry. Malam tak buat apa pon, penat. Layan movie French with hubby and as usual tak habis lagi I dah mengantuk sangat. Tak tunggu habis pon.

Sunday pulak, mission nak cari Nasi Lemak Kak Laili for breakfast tapi frust sebab dia tak jual pulak that day. Sigh, next time amik phone number and call dulu. Headed to nearest mamak for breakfast. I action cakap kat hubby nak nasi lemak gaks, so I tak nak makan. Tapi bila mamak tuh amik order, laju je I pergi order roti telur satu. Before balik singgah rumah lama, saja nak tengok the condition of the house. Rindu memang rindu but sebab I pon dah lama tak duduk situ, so kurang terasa sikit. For me, it doesn’t matter which house really tapi yang penting orang-orang yang dalam rumah..chewah.

sepi je rumah

Sempat la singgah Mydin before balik and I must say macam best je Mydin ni. 2nd time I pergi dan punya la banyak barang, quite cheap too. Next time nak datang better bring my mom dan tinggalkan Mika with hubby. Tempat ini adalah tempat perempuan :) Sampai PH je hujan and as we were about to leave for BM, hujan lagi lebat. Lunch dekat BM and it was great sebab all the family members were there. Tak la family I sorang je kat situ. Ramai-ramai la best. My MIL kena plan macam ni selalu so that anak-anak dia boleh berkumpul ramai-ramai dah la mereka ni memang jarang berouting sama-sama or berjumpa.

It was already 4 by the time we reached PH. My mom ajak dinner kat nearby warung..OK, jom! Makan goreng² je. Balik rumah, mandi, solat, lepak jap dan sebab cuaca sejuk², we all tidur quite early jugak that night. Walaupon tak pergi shopping, tapi happy sebab dapat spend time with both families.

Friday, July 8, 2011

ni cerita lama

Last Friday bbsitter Mika mintak nak cuti. I have stuffs to do at the office so I macam tak boleh nak cuti. So my mom la kena take care of  him but of course dia tak kisah, bukan selalu kan? :D Hubby sent Mika over to mom's dan pergi kerja lambat sikit. My mom ni pulak mmg jenis rajin berjalan. Dia bawak Mika outing to Giant alone. I macam "Wahhhh.." I sendiri pon tak pernah outing macam tuh alone with Mika. Bukan I tak nak but nak kejar dia tuh cam tak larat je. But elok je pulak Mika tuh behave my mom cakap. Duduk diam je dalam trolley.

On that day itself we received our long awaited I.pad and guess who yang conquer? Siap claim dia punya and very the jakun one..orang lain nak usik pon tak boleh. Isssshhh..pastu amik gambar sendiri banyak². Eh Mika, ni anniversary gift mommy la..

get well soon mikhail haris!

Hello! This week macam hectic betul. Mika tak sihat, on off fever from Monday then on Wednesday, hubby brought him to see his Paed ditemani my mom and doc cakap monitor lagi 2 hari..if still demam on Friday, kena buat blood test..isshh..lama dah dia tak demam lama². Paling lama pon 2 hari dah ok. And dulu la sekali dia high fever sampai admitted due to viral fever. I suspect hubby la ni menyebarkan virus. Kan dia demam last week, flu + cough semua la in the package. So doc bagi another round of antibiotics and lagi satu fever medicine to alternate with the current fever med. To date he's doing alright. I dah stop bagi fever med, last time was at 2pm yesterday tuh pon bbsitter dia ingat tak nak bagi dah but she just gave nway. I monitor gaks lepas 6 hr coz usually dah nak 6 hr je, badan dia panas balik but Alhamdulillah macam ok. Malam pon tidur berpeluh-peluh macam biasa. The cough still there though. Tapi satu je perangai pelik dia buat. Emo tak tentu pasal. Tak boleh salah sikit sure mengamuk habis, ni tak kena tuh tak kena. Over sensitif. I notice dulu kalau dia on med pon sure dia akan buat perangai, could it be the side effect, no? Maybe badan tak sihat, appetite makan pon kurang, pastu perut lapar tapi tak nak makan, then tantrum la kot. Cepat la habis kerja, I wanna go back and bring him out jalan². Make him happy. Rindu the cheeky Mika..InsyaAllah ok kot nanti. Give him some time. I hope he will be back to his usual self by this weekend. Rinddddduuuuuu. So satu rumah dah flu, cough, fever..I mmg kena berjaga² la. Not good pulak for the baby if I sakit nanti. On the other hand, this weekend macam tak boleh pergi mana je..macam bahaya je..takpe la, duduk rumah spend time with the boys pon not a bad idea

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

update sikit-sikit dulu

Sigh, lama benar tak update blog. Last entry was last Monday. So not me. Even I know nobody really reads this tapi macam habit nak tulis at least an entry each day. Macam banyak je benda nak update. I haven't upload photos from Erin's sister's wedding, then Eisha's wedding and also Bella's birthday party. But some of the pics are up in FB and some still waiting for my dear girlfriend to upload 'em :)

We received the bad news last Thursday right after my last entry. Tok Nyang, Raja Mohd Ali b. Tengku Alang passed away on Monday's night at about 11.45pm and all his 8 children were all there by his side to bid him farewell. Even my grandma yang banyak drama tuh pon ada. So on last Tuesday, I took EL dan pergi melawat jenazah at Seksyen 2, Shah Alam. Jenazah selamat dikebumikan dekat Seksyen 21. Semoga roh nya ditempatkan di kalangan orang yang beriman dan dicucuri rahmat *al-Fatihah*

Ok there's more to update actually but I'll wait sampai free sikit dan rajin banyak :)