Monday, June 13, 2011

sudah complete

I've done my KPI with the team. All 8 of them and it's a week plus before the deadline. Lepas ni masa untuk mengarang ayat dan memerah otak untuk isi dalam KPI mereka. A colleague came to me this morning which jarang berlaku for him to come dan borak² with me. He told me about shops on sale and we also talked about work related stuffs and lastly he asked me this "Eh I should not be asking you this but are you expecting?" Wah..boleh nampak dah ke? Wana said I don't have to tell now sebab orang boleh tahu's a good thing la That day I have this as my desktop pic (sebab it changes randomly)..this was like 5 days after Mika turned 1 kot. Kecik je lagi time innocent. Cepat nya kamu membesar wahai anak.

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