Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saturday's activity - MAKAN

Saturday was great! Makan day :) Attended a wedding (Erin's sister) in the afternoon and got to meet the girls. Ereen could not make it as her baby boy is unwell. Takpe Ereen, we understand. I will post the photos later. Went to Empire after the wedding then to ss 15 to buy the oh-so-famous-rojak. Hubby sanggup nak queue just to get his wife ONE rojak. I nak yang telur + sotong punya. Don't know why lately suka sangat makan telur rebus. Selalu I makan just the yolk but now the whole thing. Yummy! Then at night pergi rumah sis-in-law sebab dia buat kenduri cukur jambul for her 6 mth old son. Makan lagi and that night ada nasi lemak pulak with rendang daging. Good food, great company..lovely Saturday :)

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