Saturday, June 4, 2011

pre-anniversary celebration

Finally lepas almost everyone dah tengok POTC, I baru la nak tengok. Amik cuti last Friday, pre-anniversary celebration. Tuh pon macam tak complete je keluar without Mika but it was nice la to get all the attention from hubby once in a while. A good movie then late lunch at Bubba Gump..makan sampai kenyang sangat. I had sirloin steak..patut dah pergi situ makan benda lain kan. Well we did ordered 3rd dish of shrimp something something (FOC sebab they are having this promotion, if 3rd dish cheaper or same's FOC) but my main course was sirloin steak while hubby makan roasted bbq rib, chicken etc kot. Last time we were there macam lama jugak la. Came back just in time to watch 1 episode of Gossip Girl and fetched Mika after that and had dinner dekat mamak je malam tuh. I craved for maggi goreng that night :)

As always, I tak expect much for my anniversary. Cukup la dapat celebrate with the loved ones (of course if ada present best la kan but nahhh..I'm not that type :P) I think the best present would be if dapat complete kan Mika's room asap and also convert bilik bawah yang sekarang macam store to a nice cozy guest room. My house is more important now ;)

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