Wednesday, June 22, 2011

only Allah knows what is best

Kesian Tok mom called me this evening and told me that he's not doing too well and now breathing with the support of oxygen machine. Tok Nyang is 101 yrs old this year and father of my Tok Mak. Even Tok Mak pon dah 80 yrs old and her dad ni memang seorang yang kuat. Tak pernah sakit teruk before this just bedridden for the past few years sebab dulu ada jatuh and dah tak kuat nak jalan and all. What I remember about him the most, pergi rumah dia mesti di servekan air coke dan kacang :D Masa kecik macam selalu pergi rumah dia and I ingat dia suka sangat baca paper. Although we are not close dan dia memang tak ingat la I siapa but he is still my family member. Without him takde la Tok Mak dan my mom dan seterusnya saya. My thoughts and prayers are with him and it's Him above knows what's best for Tok Nyang. I pernah blog about him before here and this article was featured in The Star, Jan last year masa dia pergi Aquaria for his 100th birthday. If you happen to read this, do pray for him yea? May Allah bless him always.

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