Saturday, June 11, 2011

memang first class habis

Dapat gaks tengok X-Men First Class. Memang first class habis la. We went for the 11.30am show and as usual, Mika I drop kan dekat my mom's :) The tickets were bought on last minute basis due to the incident yesterday. Kena tengok Mika ok ke tak before pergi bersuka ria kan. Sampai rumah my mom, the Unifi contractors tengah do their things. Good la after this lepak rumah my mom ada internet dah.

What I can say about the movie..i LOVE it. I suka movie pelik² with character pelik² macam zombie, alien, mutant..rasa macam something different to watch. In that movie ada Wolverine buat cameo which I find it macam comel je and of course the best part is Magneto and Prof. X were good friends back then. I did watched X-Men movies lepas² tuh but I think this one macam lain sikit kot, yer la time Magneto baik apart from the actor macam handsome. Done with the movie pergi lunch. Saja pilih Laksa Shack sebab lapar nak makan nasi (that's me) also sebab lama betul tak makan kat situ and sebab kalau Mika is around macam susah je nak makan kat situ. Banyak betul reason nak lunch. Amazingly went back home empty handed. Was in a mood for shopping but entah, tak beli apa pon. Reached PH at 3 and Mika tengah sleep, OK no problem. Balik rumah dulu lagipon penat. Around 4pm went back to mom's and bought some goreng pisang for tea. We went to check out mom's new place that evening. Can't wait for the renovation to start.

Dah makan goreng pisang and all my mom cakap "Umi ada buat ubi rebus + sambal ikan bilis for breakfast pagi tadi.." I was biar betul..takkan tak nak makan! I ate that too and since kenyang lagi, tak makan apa for dinner and now perut adalah berbunyi. Hubby is out tengok bola with his friends and I feel like eating maggi goreng now..OK, maggi goreng satu! Layan GG japs while waiting for hubby..later! 

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