Friday, June 10, 2011

kejadian hari jumaat

I was on e-half day today. Mika's bbsitter call cakap Mika muntah 2 kali dah. Ishhh..actually this morning masa hantar Mika pon he was not his usual self. Macam letih semacam, muka pon blur². The night before dia OK je but he had too many of choc chips cookies I notice. Like one after another. Malam tuh masa tidur, he tossed around here and there, macam tak selesa camtuh la and badan a bit warm. Kesian Mika..pernah jadi once time CNY dulu.

So without further delay, rushed back home that noon and thank God hubby is now on normal shift. Balik sama². Fetched him and memang nampak dia letih, lesu semacam but dia tak vomit dah. Called the hospital sebab we figure bawak je la ke CA terus sebab dah biasa with the Paed there and we got the 2.45pm slot. Orang tak ramai, good. Yang pelik nya, sampai je hospital Mika terus sihat semacam. Doc cakap could be gas in his tummy as everything else is fine. Doc advised him not to take heavy meal and no milk for few hours. OK doc. Mommy terlalu lapar sebab tak lunch lagi cannot resist herself from ordering kampung fried rice and a bowl of mushroom soup for Mika. Mika makan sikit je, I yang habis kan semua. Tak elok membazir :P Went back home and rest and rest.

We tahpau something for dinner and ate at mom's. Mika boleh dah makan, Alhamdulillah. Hubby went back first sebab he's on-call and later my sister sent me back, eh tuh pon nak cerita.

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