Wednesday, June 8, 2011

happy anniversary to mr & mrs joe

Today is our anniversary. We have been together for 4 years but sebenarnya dah kenal each other about 11 years. Though no special celebration or whatsoever and believe me my husband is not the romantic type one (contoh terbaik: futsal on anniversary night. nasib dah celebrate earlier..mau mengamuk kalau tak)..not even close to Seth Tan (nak jugak selit² kan nama mamat ni) but still I am thankful to have him in my life. Basically dia macam cool la, buat la apa kamu nak know where the line is and don't ever go beyond that..we will be fine. He's not a control freak (unlike me) and tak demand jugak..memang cool la. Cuma I tak suka kekadang tuh dia drive macam tak keruan nak cucuk² kereta lain dan dah dekat baru nak break but well, lelaki memang begitu kot. Also kekadang tuh I tak suka dia bossy tak tentu pasal but I have to accept the fact that he is THE husband, so kena la obey (i'm that stubborn). Thanks for putting up with my nonsense and I know that I'm not a perfect WIFE too but I will do my best for you and Mika. Thank you for giving me Mika (he may look a lot like you but dia selalu menangkan mommy dia je, mommy's boy la katakan)..the most precious gift so far..kalah benda lain. I love you B and may Allah bless us always..thanks for EVERYTHING!

Happy 4th Year Anniversary My Dear! 
* with lots of hugs & sloppy kisses ;) *

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