Monday, May 16, 2011

wow, unexpected call!

Okay this is so unexpected. Those who are AI fans mesti tau AI season 9 winner Lee Dewyze is coming to town..and by town I mean, Subang Jaya or to be exact Subang Parade! Out of all places, SP dia pilih. Dekat sangat dah tuh. A showcase to preview his album and Astro ada la promo here and there. Then on Saturday, I tertengok that promo and it says "Be the 50 lucky people bla bla..RSVP, please call this number bla bla bla" Saja nak try my luck, I call la. Remember this post? If you know me well too, I memang follow AI. So call punya call no answer..yer la..dia nak 50 orang je time I call tuh entah-entah dah berpuluh² orang yang call so that's why tak di layan dah. Suddenly this morning ada incoming call from number yang I memang tak save dan lupa terus about that number, as usual if unknown number, automatically ignore. Yes, I ignored it. 15 mins later, ada SMS that sounds like "On behalf of Astro life..if you are interested with Lee Dewyze showcase and autograph session, please give us your...max is 3 per account" Macam tuh la lebih kurang the message. I replied cakap I'm interested and sorry for not answering the call justnow. Walla..orang tuh call balik. So I gave that person the details and she asked me to be at the venue by 3.30pm tomorrow to collect the passes. Also I need to bring my Astro bill statement. Wow, macam senang nye! I know that I'm a little bit too old (eh tak la tua mana pon) for this kind of stuff but music has no limit kan? Hope all will turn out good. Mika pass to hubby and my mom can help to look after him too and will be going there with my sister. Hopefully one of the girls reply and say yes to my invitation. To see him live it's like a dream come true :) takde la nak jerit over ke apa, just nak tengok dia main guitar and sings..AI winner tuh ;) I pon tak nak put too much hope on that, see how it goes esok. Can't wait!

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