Saturday, May 7, 2011

saturday adalah hari mengemas rumah

** I had this in my draft and somehow I forgot to post it! **

For breakfast today rasa nak makan nasi lemak kak laili. Knowing that nasi lemak selling fast, ajak hubby pergi all the way to Subang at 8am. Luck was on my side, still ada lagi. I bought 8 packets and headed to mom's house in PA for breakfast. Believe it or not I makan 2 packets! Mika pon suka, almost finish 1 packet. Sangat puas hati sebab dapat makan. Then at about 9.30am balik rumah sebab the wardrobe men nak dtg fix. Did the laundry and by 10am the men came and stared installing. Lama jugak they fix that thing and by noon, ajak Mika to my mom's house sebab dah start drilling and all, bising + dusty. Fed Mika lunch and paksa dia tidur sebab petang nak keluar. Mom cooked sup tulang, ikan goreng dan cendawan masak lemak..simple je tapi macam biasa SEDAP. The wardrobe installation was completed by 2.30pm and apa lagi, kena balik rumah kemas la..mop, vacuum and all. Last Saturday pon we did the same thing because of the wiring. Penat tapi happy sebab dah ada wardrobe! Can't wait to arrange our stuffs in there :) Going for dinner now to celebrate Mother's Day!

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