Thursday, May 5, 2011

mommy tak besar

I had this little conversation on the way to send Mika this morning..he was helping himself with some chipsmore..

Mika: Mommy..mommy kena makan jugak
Mommy: Makan apa? Chipsmore?
Mika: Iye lah..macam Mika
Mommy: Kenapa kena makan?
Mika: Mommy tak besar, kena makan
Mommy: (tak besar? kena makan? what are you saying Mika?) Mommy tak besar?
Mika: Mommy makan nanti mommy besar macam Mika
Mommy: Okay!

Honestly speaking, I have no idea with what he means "Mommy tak besar" Nak besar macam mana eh? Ke dia nak cakap mommy kecik..tapi I'm not that small too. Tak say the darndest things and at this age, I find it really amusing :)

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