Thursday, May 19, 2011

LD in town!

As mentioned in previous post, I did go to LD's showcase on recent public holiday walaupon ada sedikit malas di situ TAPI mana boleh..bila lagi nak jumpa kan. Had lunch at mom's and at first nak pergi with my sister but hubby baik hati nak hantar. Ok lah boleh pergi lambat sikit. Mika pon ikut but few minutes later terus tertidur. Pick up Faz first and sampai at 3pm. Just nice. The priority area is right in front the stage and those yang dalam this area je boleh mintak LD's autograph and you need his CD to be able to. that. Hari tu baru tahu. CD I memang dah bought earlier ;) Macam best sebab LD performed like 8-9 songs, then dapat his autograph (so budak² eh..but biar la sebab minat!), then dapat priority area walaupon sedikit sesak+panas but FREE. Ok, let's see some pics!

  it was even more meaningful to share the day with my bestfriend!
we both adore guys with guitar and can sing. perfect.

the pics below from my sis's camera..not bad

After the show, we were asked to line up for the autograph session. Yer saya sanggup walaupon kena bersesak + ditimpa rintik² hujan (roof Parade ni bocor). Dapat salam and you know what, this was the short conversation between me and least I thought it was a conversation lah..

LD: Hello, how are you?
Me: I'm good (tersengih² macam apa je...eee rasa nak slap diri sendiri)
LD: (signing the CD then passed it to me)
Me: Thanks so much! (then I later I regret for saying this..)
Me: Good job on Season 9! (WTH Eeja??)
LD: Smile or more like blank expression..

Adoi..apa la I pergi cakap tuh. Cakap la "Welcome to Msia" ke "Enjoy your stay here" or benda lain lah. I cerita kat hubby then dia macam gelak² geli..I cakap balik pon geli. Eeeee..bimbo moment betul. I mean memang la I adore him in AI tapi lama dah kot dah la cakap good job macam budak sekolah..anyways, close up pic of him..from Hot Magazine :) Speaking of Hot Magazine, our pic was featured in here

Eh, I teman my sister je tuh..chaperon..haha tak nak admit dalam site tuh I macam paling 'senior' dan lain² adalah super junior. It was a nice evening out with my sis and gf to meet our idol. What makes it more special, it was at Parade our hometown.

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