Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mother's day

On Mother's Day..still macam hari² biasa je. Except that I got to say "Hey, it's Mother's Day. Tak nak buat apa-apa boleh?" Mika pon mana faham pon but he did wished me sebab I suruh daddy ajar dia. We went to BM for lunch dan cuaca adalah sangat panas. Hubby wanted to wash his car and cut his hair so I suruh dia drop I kat rumah my mom. My MIL masak light² je (light for me sebab jarang lunch makan soto, nasi je) then I macam boleh lapar lagi sempat I makan nasi dengan lauk ikan goreng, kicap dan sambal belacan..tuh je tapi menyelerakan. Tuh pon lauk tengahari semalam, mind you. See, something wrong with my appetite lately.

just to be fair..I love Mom & Dad :D 
my favourite "toy"..i love you mika!
syukur alhamdulillah dapat peluang jadi mommy though i admit it requires a lot of patience but never once i regret

For both my mom and MIL, happy Mother's day! thank you for everything :) *hugs*
also to all the mommies out there, you have to pat yourselves on the back. you've done a great job!! SALUTE!

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