Tuesday, May 3, 2011

first movie outing

It was first movie outing for Mika last Monday and the first one for us as a family :) We actually wanted to catch the earliest show on Sunday but the only tickets available were for the ones in the front row. Since we are redeeming the happy meal voucher (free ticket for Mika), we are not allowed to book it online..boohoo. What the heck, just buy for Monday then and luckily we did that as the tickets are selling fast. Everybody want to watch Rio, huh?

  i want to watch Rio!

The first 45mins went well. Mika macam terpegun kot dengan screen besar dan sound effect. Then it started. Mula la tak duduk diam. Kejap duduk on my lap then on daddy's lap then berdiri kat his own seat..then he cried pulak..bagi dia milk..ok senyap and he still wanted to watch. He don't eat popcorn so I gave him nuggets instead dan bagi minum air kosong banyak², then few minutes later mula restless balik dan mengamuk sebab tak bagi dia turun bawah. So I placed him on my lap dan dia berjaya tengok movie sampai la habis. I tanya dia faham tak..then dia cerita..ok good boy, dia faham! Sebab ramai kids dan memang understood la kan, kids susah nak concentrate lama², so everyone understands, I think :P Nevertheless it was a good experience for us and glad Mika got to experience this as early as 28 months. Nak pergi lagi sekali..tunggu dia besar kot..senang nak control.

After the movie, he wanted to ride that RM4/hr car again. We rented one and turned out that that car got steering problem but ada Mika kisah? Nooo..masih nak naik jugak. To keep him distracted, we went to MPH. Kat sana terjumpa Ereen with her lil boy. Banyak² kedai kat Pyramid, boleh terjumpa pulak..happy happy. The day before when we were there, met another friend of ours gaks. Tapi I tak dapat nak spend time lama sebab Mika dah bising², lapar and macam tak senang duduk so we headed out of Pyramid for lunch. Balik rumah, semua orang flat, lepak² and around 6 my sis-in-law dropped by bagi nasi briyani all the way from Penang. I tak makan sebab ada one thing kat situ tak boleh nak makan, so pass my portion to my sister. Well spent weekend :)

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