Tuesday, May 10, 2011

entry rojak

Hello. Good morning. Something wrong my Google Chrome, access to blogger macam hang so using Firefox now. Yesterday was the first working day for my sister and guess what? She's working at the same company as mine but serving my old region. Boleh pulak sama company. I recommended her about a month a plus ago but told her not to mention my name during interview unless orang tanya. Even the TL who interviewed her had no idea that she's my sister sampai la TL tunjuk her pic kat one of my friends yang terus je recognize dia. Ok sis, still not too late to wish you good luck, do your best. Don't drop my water face tau..buat baik dengan semua orang and remember to SMILE. If tak tahu, sila la tanya tapi make sure refer to your notes dulu, nanti senior marah. Nevertheless her team macam best sebab my friends are in that team. Work hard, jangan ponteng²..itu sahaja pesanan dari saya.

Today I tak hantar Mika to bbsitter sebab he requested for hubby to send him. Dah elok dah I nak hantar tadi then he called out for his dad..nak pulak daddy hantar. Sebab dah biasa I hantar, tadi rasa macam pelik and bugged hubby to know the status. Mika ok je, mak dia je risau lebih. Now tengah buat PE work..lama betul tak buat, rindu! I need to do sebab the PE in charge agak bz with other stuffs plus teamwork, apa salahnye buat kan sementara I tak busy sangat ni.

Yesterday my mom tanya nak dinner dekat rumah tak..I was like..eh dah tanya takkan cakap tak nak kan. Kebetulan this week hubby kerja till 9pm so why not? Dia masak kari daging, tauhu sumbat dan ikan bakar. Dah la I memang terasa nak makan tauhu sumbat, tengok² ada, macak tahu² je my mom ni. Thanks Umi!  

I have about 3 posts in draft and will post them later. That's all for now, later.

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