Sunday, April 3, 2011

takde cerita apa pon

Went to PIL's house yesterday. Konon malam nak overnight kat Subang sebab hubby got "football meeting" with his friends/club early Sunday morning. But my sister msg early morning cakap Subang takde air..laa..then I told them kalau petang dah ada let me know la sebab I still nak overnight kat Subang. Sampai petang still takde air, even they all kena balik to their rented house at PA to bath and whatnot. In the end, my sister yang overnight kat my house. I don't know why..lately macam letih sangat. Extra tired. By 8 bila tidurkan Mika I pon join sekali. Letih letih see, entry ni takde motif..I just feel like I writing :P

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