Tuesday, April 26, 2011

sad movies

Now at HBO/HBO HD ada tunjuk movie "The Blind Side". I've blogged about this movie kat SINI longggg time ago, a year plus to be exact and you know what, even dah tengok berkali², sedih tuh still terasa. Dia cam sedih kesian..one day tuh hubby belum balik kerja lagi..I watched this alone dan seperti biasa..menjadi emo dan apa lagi..nangis laa...a must watch movie. Another movie which is good to watch is "Hachiko: A Dog's Story". I recommend these 2 kalau you all in the mood nak tengok sad movie, kalau tengok sorang² lagi feeling..for me la sebab I segan gile nak nangis² if hubby is around. Now terfikir, worth it ke subscribe movies channel ni when almost all the movies dah tengok..baik subscribe benda lain kan? Hhhmmm...

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