Tuesday, April 5, 2011


On the way to work this morning, hubby and I had our own discussion on what the deejays are discussing mostly about the terms in football. I admit that I am one of the women out there that if you ask me the same question, would probably end up answering something else. The deejays randomly ask the women listeners if they understand the term OFFSIDE, AGGREGATE, LEG, AWAY GOAL and I sort of know what they mean but one thing that always confuse me the most is the term “OFFSIDE”. Hubby had explained zillion times and I always tend to forget the definition and need him to explain again. If you listen to the answers given by the women, some of them are really funny and the answers came out spontaneously. At least now I am able to relate what OFFSIDE means and let see how good my memory is, mind you that this is not the first time I am asking hubby this.

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