Saturday, April 30, 2011

mission accomplished!

I have been meaning to reward myself with a nice comfy sandal and had my eyes on one for quite some time. You see, I am not the type yang suka invest that much on a pair of shoe sebab kalau mahal boleh beli satu je..what I want is quantity :) Quality pon iye jugak la, so have to be fair and logic. Finally today managed to drag hubby to Pyramid and yeay, mission accomplished! I dah google lama the one I nak beli, everyday pon macam tengok bila sampai store, tengok kiri kanan sikit then terus try. I did try pattern lain but naaahh..nak yang itu jugak. Mika behaved well sebab dia duduk dalam car yang rent RM4/hr. Good boy, as long tak disturb mommy then should be fine. Kalau dah shopping, mesti nak beli something for Mika kan so I bought these 2 pairs of short PJs for him. I suka sangat the material then all the stuffs in Cotton on Kids ni are super duper cute and the price pon affordable sampai semua pon rasa nak beli. The reason why we were at Pyramid bukan la sebab nak shop pon but that to be told in next entry :)

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