Monday, April 18, 2011

baby baby baby oooooo

Ereen, this one is for you :) 

Last Friday night ada dinner session with the girls. One of the conversations we had was about this Bieber's concert. Ereen and me..what can I say eh..macam sama taste je. We were thinking of kan best kalau dapat pergi concert Bieber comel ni :) hehehe..I love you girl. Actually I've came across this clip long time ago then teringat that tomorrow they will air it in Glee. My sister sure cam cakap.."Kak Ja niiiii" huhuh..but true, I suka je Bieber ni, rasa dia comel even HSM pon I boleh layan. That day entah macam mana I leh ajak hubby nak tengok Bieber 3D movie tuh, terus macam dia "WHAAATTTT" huhuhu..Ereen, jom dating pergi tengok movie dia. Tak dapat concert, movie pon jadi la :)

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