Wednesday, April 27, 2011

3yr old birthday party :)

Lama dah cerita ni..almost 2 weeks lepas. Rose, a very dear friend of mine also hubby's friend too and we were quite close time uni dulu invited me & family to her son's 3rd birthday. The event was held at McD, Bandar Utama. Sebab our sons same age, I figure it would be a good experience for Mika to meet his new friend lagipon I lama sangat tak jumpa Rose. Last time open house ke, event ke..sure I akan invite dia and she will come. That Saturday was a rainy day even time nak keluar rumah pon masih hujan. Since the event will only start at 2pm, we had lunch first at IOI mall mana lagi kalau bukan ayam penyet..pfftt..takpe, satu family boleh makan. Then pergi beli present at Toys R Us..and of course if pergi, Mika will never walk out empty handed! Spoil kan? I knowww..if only I have the heart to say NO..the daddy lagi la.

It was great to see her and another friend of ours. Now semua pon dah ada anak and time flies!

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