Friday, March 18, 2011

where are you?

Am waiting for hubby. Mana ntah hilang, away je dari tadi. Tak selalu pon pergi kerja together sebab hubby will be working from home macam 3 hari out of 5 days. 2 days lagi if dia masuk office baru la dapat pergi sama. Routine kalau pergi together, breakfast dulu then baru masuk office. I jarang nak lunch with him, don't know why tapi I rasa cam prefer to go out with my friends time lunch. Time ni la nak bergossip. The past 2 weeks, I keluar lunch with my ex-team mates, sometimes with Nurul, sometimes ask ppl to tahpau kan. Best gaks dapat spend time with different people. Banyak cerita boleh dapat dan share. They know me best, kata more than 3 yrs sama team. 1Malaysia gaks time keluar lunch tuh :) Will definitely join/invite them again for lunch.

Friday supposed to be a relax day but not today. Pagi² I kena mockfile products, sort out issues with products and also macam kelam kabut sikit sebab ada book to approve. Not to forget sempat lagi trainers selitkan 30 mins system training for all of us. Tiba-tiba macam rasa sungguh productive kalau nak dibandingkan dengan hari-hari lain.

Anyways, it's almost 5.30pm now when by right I should be leaving pukul 5 tadi. Have a good weekend everyone! I hope mine would be easy, relax and free of stress. Lama dah tak pergi Subang, might drop by tomorrow morning kot. Empire anyone? My sister dah demand nak pinjam some stuffs sebab her turn pulak tomorrow pergi concert SuJu (boy band from Korea). Memang minat habis kat band ni sampai sanggup beratur berjam² nak beli tiket. Dah la tiket dia lagi mahal dari I beli for Buble. I only know the existence of this band when she pointed out that day..hehe tak minat la K-pop hence kurang ambil tahu.

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