Tuesday, March 29, 2011

shopping for Mika's stuffs

From Genting to IKEA. Kejap je sampai with DUKE. Our mission hari tu nak cari wardrobe yang match with the existing chest drawer for Mika and also nak beli meja kecik with stools tuh. Kesian kat dia, main toys atas lantai je. Plus from his birthday last Dec, ada lah token sikit from his grandparents and we top up a bit. Next item on the list are bed frame, curtains etc but that to be done once we all keluarkan existing furniture from the room. Mika pon dah test katil kat situ, siap pretend tidur lagi. Ni kerja dia dengan daddy dia lar, I tengah usha other stuffs.

macam tidur betul pulak budak ni

this white one suits his room better plus ada safety kat tepi tuh
yang the top one bigger..not bad la the price
BUT i like them both

OK kena ingat dah our main intention here is to get Mika's stuffs je, so barang-barang lain tolak tepi. Termasuk la flowers di atas. I pon tak termasukkan that one in the trolley. Time ni I tengah layan Mika count the flowers while his daddy went to look for something. Dia kan tak boleh duduk diam

some of the items we bought

check out atas trolley tuh barang-barang besar

We opted for delivery jer, senang plus tak muat pon kereta kalau nak bawak sendiri. Then lunch at Waroeng Penyet, The Curve. Met Erin there! Dia tengah lunch with her colleagues. Out of all places, kita jumpa jauh kat sini kan? Padahal both our houses at PH. After lunch, headed straight home. Letih sangat..

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