Friday, March 4, 2011

as expected..

As expected, yesterday was difficult. There was about 40 of us from WK. We arrived at Muar at 12noon and were greeted by the family members. The moment we saw the sisters and brother, we broke into tears and hugged each other to give ourselves support. I thought I could get away with no tears but I was wrong. The hardest part was to bid him farewell. When we stood around his coffin, nobody says anything, only tears of sadness and the sound of cries echo the room. OMG, this is truly happening. What make it more worse that we know his sister and brother well. I held my colleague's hand all through the way and at one point I felt like turning back and not to go near the coffin. Pictures of him are hung everywhere decorated with bouquets of flowers and you just cannot believe that he is gone forever.

We were there for 2 hours and the family members revealed another side of him..which we never expect him to be as he was a private and shy person in the office. It meant a lot to the family members for his colleagues to be there as he spent 5 days a week in the office and obviously half of his life was shared with WK people. Spent the hours chatting with my ex-team mates, reminiscing the good old days and I know that I miss them very much. We were so close back then and we knew each other very well and after this restructure, we sort of fall apart. I guess death brings people dear Ernest, you have touched every one's hearts in every single way you could. Though I am not that close to you as some of my colleagues were but I am still proud to be given the chance to work with you, talk or even crack jokes with you be it face to face or in the endless email threats we once shared when we were in the same team. RIP dear friend..goodbye...

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