Tuesday, March 1, 2011

not a good way to end the month of february

Received a bad news yesterday. My colleague who used to be my team mate, met with an accident yesterday's morning. He was on his way to work and sad to say that he did not make it :(

I had a meeting from 2-3pm and when I was about to leave the room, saw my ex-team mates together with their TLs and PM waiting for their turn to use the meeting room. Thought that they are just having regular meeting and I did not suspect anything until the PM himself requested for me to join the meeting. At that moment I was like.."What have I done wrong?? Why is the HR personnel is here??" My ex-team mates..they have this sad expression on their faces and the worse that I could think of that maybe someone was given the axe and that was it. Did not expect more than that, really. It is difficult to accept when someone that you really know is gone forever what more in a tragic way. I had to brace myself to tell my team and was all shaky and in tears when I broke the news to them. Such a sweet and kind hearted guy, he will be missed indeed.

You may read about the accident here and here. RIP dear friend and my deepest condolences to his family and friends.