Sunday, March 20, 2011

it's all about that little engine

As mentioned in earlier post, I did go to Empire. Tapi still tak dapat beli my stuffs. Baru je nak masuk C&K, Mika dah bising². Sigh..bfast at Subang then pagi tuh hujan lebat sangat so suruh Mika sleep dulu. We went out about lunch time and initial plan was only to buy Mika's water bottle at Toys R Us tapi...

bob the his favourite and no, Thomas still his No.1
big garfield
with paddington bear pulak
one thing about mika, dia naik je, if masuk kan coin then benda ni gerak 
automatically tak nak naik dah
good boy, jimat duit :)

We decided to have lunch elsewhere also nak cari something for Mika tapi tak jumpa kedai tuh. That shop is somewhere at Sunway tapi sebab we have no address with us that day, terus tak jumpa.

mika's stuffs: water bottle and that thing on the left
the other one we bought last month kot
ini la rupa benda tuh bila dah assemble. the middle one is another set
tapi Mika main ganas, main tarik² je benda alah ni then dia emo bila tak dapat main betul²
isshh..ikut siapa la ni main game then emo

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