Wednesday, March 23, 2011

greatest night in the month of march

I know dah almost 2 weeks dah cerita ni but who cares..I still wanna post this. Actually plan nak pergi MB ni agak lama dah, since early Feb but delay punya delay end of Feb baru beli tickets kot. Plan nak ambil the cheapest one but you know la kan, if cheap mesti cepat sold out and memang betul pon. Sold out. I bought it online and at that moment tinggal 2 slots je available with the price of RM335 per ticket. Dapat la 10% discount for each ticket sebab Enrich member. Macam mana ni..nak pergi tapi tinggal side seating je available. Hubby gave green light and discuss with Ereen dia pon cakap go ahead je la..if tunggu lama lagi nanti tak dapat ticket langsung. Faz wanted to join us too so memang ok sangat la kan. They are numbered seats but the number is computer generated. Kira macam ikut luck la..

The day of the concert memang hectic sangat. I sampai from Muar dah almost 5pm. Ereen fetched me and Faz asked us to go first and we will meet her later. Sampai² je hujan selebat² nya. Stranded jap kitaorang kat bawah tent before the entrance. Ingat nak check out the carnival, memang tak dapat la. Faz ada ad hoc meeting with her clients so dia sampai lambat sikit. Since organizer cakap boleh keluar anytime, we all masuk dulu and waited for her inside. Tunjuk tickets to the organizer and we were brought to seats paling hujung…paling hujung yer. We were like..tak nak la duduk sini tak best..alaaa..then suddenly organizer cakap, our seats the other LEGA. Takde la hujung sangat, kira from our seats to direct to the stage la just that ada pillar block sikit but still boleh nampak

view from our seats..
time ni almost full but it was a full house that nigh
duduk bawah tuh ticket ribu²
tak stuffy pon orang ramai-ramai ni, well done organiser!
tadaaa..MB in action

Opening act by Najwa Mahiaddin and I just found out later after the concert that she’s the daughter of our DPM. Her voice memang superb, clap clap :) MB starts to perform at 8.30pm sharp, memang punctual. By this time Faz tak sampai lagi. Sempat la I tengok MB perfom opening song then only Faz sampai. She did not miss that much pon. The next 2 hours memang best. To tell you the truth, I only know the lyrics for some of the songs je, yang mana I biasa dengar la. Of course Everything is my favourite song of “wedding song”. Mana I tak tahu, I go with the flow je yang penting is to enjoy the show. The last few songs je baru orang start to stand up and dance..termasuk la I dengan the girls. Time duduk pon sebenarnya dah goyang². MB memang best. His voice exactly macam dengar kat CD.  Funny, cheeky, entertaining and dia sangat friendly with the crowd and with his band. He even tiru nyanyi MJ’s song, dance like him and he also sang lagu lain tapi sikit² je la. Memang worth it. Kalau duduk bawah lagi best, sebab dia jalan around the floor. Okay nak cerita, ada this guy duduk sebelah I, dia tengok MB alone je. Kesian dia, time orang jerit² I rasa cam nak ajak dia join sekali jerit sebab dia alone kan. Boleh eh pergi concert alone, tak faham I.

So far concerts I pernah attend with the girls are..KRU (1997 tak silap, was a fanatic fan..tak ni), MC (went with hubby then bf tapi terjumpa E&E on the way) and this one la MB. Best best best. Hopefully there will be more la we can attend sebab girls night out memang best, no control². I’m gonna end this post with the not so berapa photos, tak tahu pon this time boleh bawak camera..sigh..time MC dulu kena check habis² so snap guna phone camera je la

us after the concert
we were supposed to wear something in blue, it was the theme of the night
it can be anything, clothes, handbag, accessories etc
faz & ereen
with faz dearie
MB singing Everything..low quality but letak je la
ignore bunyi jerit² gedik tuh :P

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