Monday, March 28, 2011

genting III

2nd day and last day. Nasib tak ambil 2 nights, tak tau nak buat apa dah kat sini. The package come with breakfast too, so around 7am we all dah bangun and get ready for breakfast. I've mentioned earlier that orang adalah ramai kan..memang RAMAI! Kena queue lagi time nak masuk cafe. Mesti ada event or something ni. Breakfast was so-so la, I took fried meehoon for Mika and for myself toast bread je. Too many people with the line of food macam tak organise, memang I makan apa yang senang je. After breakfast ingat nak ambil fresh air but Mika berbusiness pulak. So had to clean him dan alang-alang tuh, mandi la terus. By the time we were done dah 8 something and hari pon dah panas. Jalan-jalan sikit je then pack our stuffs. Around 10am dah check-out. Bye-bye Genting! I see you in 3 yrs time, if nak pergi lagi la :)

this time pergi mana je bawak stroller
gambar kenangan depan hotel :)
same deco je first world ni

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