Thursday, March 24, 2011


So the day one of my girls got married was the same day as MB's concert. To make it worse I tak sempat pon nak attend her engagement during the day sebab I had to attend family's matter at Muar pulak. Thank God her reception is not until June. Eisha, if you are reading this..I will try to be at your sorry sebab tak dapat datang that day. If I was not at Muar, for sure kita dah ada kat rumah awak. Of course big CONGRATULATIONS to you and husband. After all these years, you've MADE it.

Faz, I took this pic below from your FB. Thank you in advance!

the beautiful bride-to-be with Faz dearie
Eisha, u look extra gorgeous that day! Eh hari lain pon gorgeous gaks :)

Eisha, this photo below was taken from your FB ;) 
Tapi awak tak baca pon blog kita..if awak baca la..hope you don't mind! 

with her 'son'
she loves kids and will be a great mom, for mama pon iye jugak

Honestly Eisha macam next to wed after me. The other 2 were way early, advance! Next will be Faz and can't wait for her special day to arrive! To Eisha, wish you the best in life and happy as always. Selamat pengantin baru!

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