Tuesday, March 29, 2011

shopping for Mika's stuffs

From Genting to IKEA. Kejap je sampai with DUKE. Our mission hari tu nak cari wardrobe yang match with the existing chest drawer for Mika and also nak beli meja kecik with stools tuh. Kesian kat dia, main toys atas lantai je. Plus from his birthday last Dec, ada lah token sikit from his grandparents and we top up a bit. Next item on the list are bed frame, curtains etc but that to be done once we all keluarkan existing furniture from the room. Mika pon dah test katil kat situ, siap pretend tidur lagi. Ni kerja dia dengan daddy dia lar, I tengah usha other stuffs.

macam tidur betul pulak budak ni

this white one suits his room better plus ada safety kat tepi tuh
yang the top one bigger..not bad la the price
BUT i like them both

OK kena ingat dah our main intention here is to get Mika's stuffs je, so barang-barang lain tolak tepi. Termasuk la flowers di atas. I pon tak termasukkan that one in the trolley. Time ni I tengah layan Mika count the flowers while his daddy went to look for something. Dia kan tak boleh duduk diam

some of the items we bought

check out atas trolley tuh barang-barang besar

We opted for delivery jer, senang plus tak muat pon kereta kalau nak bawak sendiri. Then lunch at Waroeng Penyet, The Curve. Met Erin there! Dia tengah lunch with her colleagues. Out of all places, kita jumpa jauh kat sini kan? Padahal both our houses at PH. After lunch, headed straight home. Letih sangat..

Monday, March 28, 2011

Penat tapi happy

Penat! Just came back from IKEA or to be exact from genting. Spent a night there and it was a short and sweet escapade. Bukan 2 org la, mika pon ada. From genting to IKEA sbb nak shop barang for mika's room. Bit by bit, makeover in progress. Will update more on the trip later.

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genting III

2nd day and last day. Nasib tak ambil 2 nights, tak tau nak buat apa dah kat sini. The package come with breakfast too, so around 7am we all dah bangun and get ready for breakfast. I've mentioned earlier that orang adalah ramai kan..memang RAMAI! Kena queue lagi time nak masuk cafe. Mesti ada event or something ni. Breakfast was so-so la, I took fried meehoon for Mika and for myself toast bread je. Too many people with the line of food macam tak organise, memang I makan apa yang senang je. After breakfast ingat nak ambil fresh air but Mika berbusiness pulak. So had to clean him dan alang-alang tuh, mandi la terus. By the time we were done dah 8 something and hari pon dah panas. Jalan-jalan sikit je then pack our stuffs. Around 10am dah check-out. Bye-bye Genting! I see you in 3 yrs time, if nak pergi lagi la :)

this time pergi mana je bawak stroller
gambar kenangan depan hotel :)
same deco je first world ni

Sunday, March 27, 2011

genting II

I better finish off this genting entry asap. Well, after dah check in and rest kejap, sambung balik exploring both outdoor & indoor park. Mika lah terlebih excited and those rides yang takkan naik punya la if datang sini, we all naik macam berulang kali for the sake of this boy. Dah la rides berpusing-pusing, slow pulak tuh..sleeeppyy...tapi bila lagi nak naik kan :) These rides macam orang tak layan sangat so senang je sampai turn, tak perlu tunggu lama.

Around 3pm nampak Mika sangat sleepy, so we all decide nak balik hotel dulu. Hubby pergi tahpau lunch and I went up to our room with Mika. Ingat kan budak ni nak sleep la sebab dah nampak letih sangat, but that was not the case bila sampai bilik. Tak duduk diam! I macam dah surrender, penat sangat.

Makan, mandi and about 5pm we went out again and this time around, we decided not to take the stroller sebab leceh. Bila naik rides, kena tinggal stroller and ingat lagi senang if tak bawak. We were wrong! Mika macam dah letih sangat after the antique car and train rides that he refused to walk. Dah la berat 14kg. I memang tak larat angkat..so hubby had to carry him all the way back siap tertido lagi budak kecik tuh. Penat sangat la ni. Yer la, that time pon dah almost 8pm. Kira we all guna pass sehabis baik la, sampai dah nak tutup park. Dia sampai makan pon ala kadar je sebab excited nak main. That night all of us slept on the bed with baby cot untuk perhiasan je. I macam tak sampai hati nak letak Mika dalam baby cot sebab kecik dan sejuk.

genting I

Finally after days of planning, delaying, contemplating..we have decided to go to Genting. Last time pergi sini pon 3 yrs back, about this time..just before I pregnant. Dulu we all duduk Resorts World hotel and ingat nak duduk situ balik but full house. We settled for First World hotel sebab familiar with that and turned out that's the only one yang available. Eh apa ni, Sunday night pon ramai orang. Nak check in ramai orang, everywhere pon ramai orang, bfast pagi tuh lagi la ramai orang. Luckily check out thru kiosk je. Ada je check in kiosk but for standard and deluxe room je kot not for superior deluxe. Patut ada la jugak, dah la bayar mahal sikit..isshh..tapi bilik best, agak puas hati. Pukul 12 lebih bilik available dan dah boleh check in. Ada king size bed, spacious, bathroom pon besar so for family, memang ok.

We left home pukul at 8am. Breakfast dekat Darus again :D Sampai ke destinasi around 10am. Ambil number and while waiting for the check-in counters to be opened at 12 noon, pergi Indoor park dulu. We took the package sekali dengan bilik. Sebab Mika is more than 90cm, kena beli ticket for him so 2 adults+1 kid+superior deluxe room..costs us about RM340. Not bad eh?

excited boy sebab tahu nak pergi jalan
baru sampai
temperature is about 17c..ala..macam duduk dalam bilik air-cond je

suruh dia gelak, jadi begini la rupanya
tak boleh duduk diam!

Rest kejap dalam bilik, then off we went to explore the outdoor + indoor park. All day pass, so guna sebaik mungkin walaupon rides adalah limited.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Too small lah, tak sesuai

Kecik-kecik dah pandai request nak main ps3. Ni pon nasib we all tak beli Ipad lagi. For now tak kot, it is not a necessity more like for leisure. Tapi kalau ada mmg dia punya lah, no chance nak guna. Budak-budak zaman skrg!

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very productive saturday

Saturday punya cerita baru nak update sekarang. Ni pon I curi-curi update sebab last 2 days were on leave, then balik je banyak benda nak settle. Saturday tak keluar pergi mana pon except for breakfast. Tempat biasa la, jauh sikit tapi sedap so no problem :) Malas nak type panjang-panjang, so tengok photos je yer. Also I back track kan the date.

mika and "buzz" enjoying roti canai

i cooked this for lunch. ayam sambal, mix vege..cukup la
since it was a nice sunny day, mari membersihkan rumah dan do laundry
terpaksa hang the clothes in front sebab the house belakang rumah I is under renovation so berhabuk
love it when it is all sunny..baju wangi and crispy :)
nice day to just rest and relax at home
this lil boy requested to play game on ps3. macam tahu je
kecik-kecik dah expose with this kind of thing, not good not good
sampai tukar tempat..macam la tahu main pon

Friday, March 25, 2011

long overdue post

OMG, I found this post in draft. Lama dah nak upload tapi TERLUPA. This was like in December tak silap, the Xmas weekend a day after this post. That post pon I terdelay and posted it in Jan. The weekend where it all begins ;) Anyways, they all hantar I dengan Mika balik rumah that evening and we all makan at one of the restaurants there. Hubby joined us later sebab dia PM shift that evening and WFH.

 candid shot..i don't know what my sister did sampai dia leh pose camni
tengok apa? nazira dut, mana mata kamu? :D
hi? ke stop? that orange juice mmg khas untuk dia tapi minum sikit je pon
(itu tangan saya..saja je nak bgtau :P)
my fav shots of all
comel je mereka ini..tok mi serious mika pulak buat muka

Thursday, March 24, 2011


So the day one of my girls got married was the same day as MB's concert. To make it worse I tak sempat pon nak attend her engagement during the day sebab I had to attend family's matter at Muar pulak. Thank God her reception is not until June. Eisha, if you are reading this..I will try to be at your reception..so sorry sebab tak dapat datang that day. If I was not at Muar, for sure kita dah ada kat rumah awak. Of course big CONGRATULATIONS to you and husband. After all these years, you've MADE it.

Faz, I took this pic below from your FB. Thank you in advance!

the beautiful bride-to-be with Faz dearie
Eisha, u look extra gorgeous that day! Eh hari lain pon gorgeous gaks :)

Eisha, this photo below was taken from your FB ;) 
Tapi awak tak baca pon blog kita..if awak baca la..hope you don't mind! 

with her 'son'
she loves kids and will be a great mom, for sure..hot mama pon iye jugak

Honestly Eisha macam next to wed after me. The other 2 were way early, advance! Next will be Faz and can't wait for her special day to arrive! To Eisha, wish you the best in life and happy as always. Selamat pengantin baru!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

greatest night in the month of march

I know dah almost 2 weeks dah cerita ni but who cares..I still wanna post this. Actually plan nak pergi MB ni agak lama dah, since early Feb but delay punya delay end of Feb baru beli tickets kot. Plan nak ambil the cheapest one but you know la kan, if cheap mesti cepat sold out and memang betul pon. Sold out. I bought it online and at that moment tinggal 2 slots je available with the price of RM335 per ticket. Dapat la 10% discount for each ticket sebab Enrich member. Macam mana ni..nak pergi tapi tinggal side seating je available. Hubby gave green light and discuss with Ereen dia pon cakap go ahead je la..if tunggu lama lagi nanti tak dapat ticket langsung. Faz wanted to join us too so memang ok sangat la kan. They are numbered seats but the number is computer generated. Kira macam ikut luck la..

The day of the concert memang hectic sangat. I sampai from Muar dah almost 5pm. Ereen fetched me and Faz asked us to go first and we will meet her later. Sampai² je hujan selebat² nya. Stranded jap kitaorang kat bawah tent before the entrance. Ingat nak check out the carnival, memang tak dapat la. Faz ada ad hoc meeting with her clients so dia sampai lambat sikit. Since organizer cakap boleh keluar anytime, we all masuk dulu and waited for her inside. Tunjuk tickets to the organizer and we were brought to seats paling hujung…paling hujung yer. We were like..tak nak la duduk sini tak best..alaaa..then suddenly organizer cakap, our seats the other side..aaa LEGA. Takde la hujung sangat, kira from our seats to direct to the stage la just that ada pillar block sikit but still boleh nampak

view from our seats..
time ni almost full but it was a full house that nigh
duduk bawah tuh ticket ribu²
tak stuffy pon orang ramai-ramai ni, well done organiser!
tadaaa..MB in action

Opening act by Najwa Mahiaddin and I just found out later after the concert that she’s the daughter of our DPM. Her voice memang superb, clap clap :) MB starts to perform at 8.30pm sharp, memang punctual. By this time Faz tak sampai lagi. Sempat la I tengok MB perfom opening song then only Faz sampai. She did not miss that much pon. The next 2 hours memang best. To tell you the truth, I only know the lyrics for some of the songs je, yang mana I biasa dengar la. Of course Everything is my favourite song of all..my “wedding song”. Mana I tak tahu, I go with the flow je yang penting is to enjoy the show. The last few songs je baru orang start to stand up and dance..termasuk la I dengan the girls. Time duduk pon sebenarnya dah goyang². MB memang best. His voice exactly macam dengar kat CD.  Funny, cheeky, entertaining and dia sangat friendly with the crowd and with his band. He even tiru nyanyi MJ’s song, dance like him and he also sang lagu lain tapi sikit² je la. Memang worth it. Kalau duduk bawah lagi best, sebab dia jalan around the floor. Okay nak cerita, ada this guy duduk sebelah I, dia tengok MB alone je. Kesian dia, time orang jerit² I rasa cam nak ajak dia join sekali jerit sebab dia alone kan. Boleh eh pergi concert alone, tak faham I.

So far concerts I pernah attend with the girls are..KRU (1997 tak silap, was a fanatic fan..tak tipu..best ni), MC (went with hubby then bf tapi terjumpa E&E on the way) and this one la MB. Best best best. Hopefully there will be more la we can attend sebab girls night out memang best, no control². I’m gonna end this post with the not so berapa photos, tak tahu pon this time boleh bawak camera..sigh..time MC dulu kena check habis² so snap guna phone camera je la

us after the concert
we were supposed to wear something in blue, it was the theme of the night
it can be anything, clothes, handbag, accessories etc
faz & ereen
with faz dearie
MB singing Everything..low quality but letak je la
ignore bunyi jerit² gedik tuh :P