Wednesday, February 2, 2011

what to do huh?

I enjoyed watching Glee S2, Ep.2 last night. The theme was Britney Spears and I used to be her fan time uni dulu. Know all her songs and dia pon macam hot je with her dance and all. Dulu-lah, sekarang tak dah, I mean the songs. Time tengok tuh, tersenyum² lah I sambil nyanyi²..nasib takde orang..nasib hubby takde. Kalau ada sure kena ejek habis sambil buat muka tak suka dan geleng² kepala :D

After work semalam, my parents, bro and sister datang letak barang. 3 kereta sekali datang and I got another set of garden chairs and table (letak belakang rumah), 2 IKEA chairs and one antique looking table. I mintak that table sebab dia macam tak guna je kat rumah tuh dah jadi tempat letak toys Mika pulak and the table comes with 2 chairs which are already at my house. Dapat la complete set of vintage furniture.

Sebab kereta terlalu banyak, I did not bring my car and hop in one of the cars instead. We went for dinner first then baru balik rumah. Eventhough at Subang, I still letak Mika at bbsitter sebab my mom nak kena packing and all. Ingat tak I ada mention about helper yang dah biasa with our family? Last raya dia balik Indon and we never heard from her since then. Thought that she’s back for good tup tup last Sunday dia msg cakap kalau we all nak panggil dia kerja, call dia. Pucuk dicita ulam mendatang la kan? Tau² je kakak ni kitaorang sangat memerlukan helper skrg. Alhamdulillah. Jalan hari ni kosong je, office pon. Boss I pon takde. Let see what I can do today..7 hours to go!


~LIZA~ said...

ala i missed the britney episode tu la.. best tak?

raF|za said...


Best! Everybody got the chance to do solo performance, something different :) Tapi ada repeat nanti, I think Sunday ada kot