Friday, February 4, 2011

poor baby boo

Kesian Mika. He's not feeling too well today. Vomited like 3-4 times since 3am this morning. I suspect perut dia buat hal sebab the day before dia makan macam-macam. Brought him to see the doctor and doctor cakap could be indigestion problem. Benda-benda dia makan semalam tak digest betul-betul. Doc bagi 3 types of medicines. Angin, Anti-Vomit and Digestion. Masa tulis ni he's a bit better. Speedy recovery Mika dear. Nak get ready dah. I'm meeting my girls at 2.30pm today. A bit reluctant to go at first tapi tengok Mika macam dah sihat sikit and mom said not to worry, she will look after Mika lagipon dekat je. Anything I boleh balik ASAP. Later. Can't wait to meet the girls!

Mika, mommy pergi "work" kejap, love u!

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