Thursday, February 10, 2011

my mom gonna miss this!

Since it's official now that they are moving elsewhere..I saja snap some pics of the living hall/s and I am sure my mom gonna miss this sebab dia paling suka decorate² ni. The latest project she did was the wood carving yang macam partition tuh and also dekat tangga early last year. Upah orang buat and I must say lama jugak la project ni nak siap..asyik delay je but finishing dia..puas hati. Cantik! Amazingly the new owner pon macam suka and he's not even Malay to begin with. The living hall tak la besar mana but cozy enough and boleh la orang datang nak duduk² borak²..comfortable and cooling je.

tangga with all the ukiran
sebenarnya ni safety gates :) brilliant idea tak?
instead letak gate biasa tuh dia buat style kayu for tannga turun bawah, naik atas and also for tangga top floor. i suka sebab dia cam style zaman dulu²
view 1
view 2
alamak ada pulak stroller ngan boxes kat situ

Conclusion..I tengok pics ni pon rasa cam sedih nak tinggalkan this house. Location wise dah sangat strategic..nak gi mana² pon dekat but I'm sure they are moving out for the better. One of my girlfriend's family pon will be moving out from Subang. I guess the bigger the family is, the more space you need kan? With my mom punya idea and creative thoughts, I am sure the new house pon cantik jugak nanti cuma muat ke semua furniture ni?? Oh Umi, kalau tak house sedia menanti :)

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