Tuesday, February 22, 2011

meeting with the girls!

Dah lama plan nak meet up with the girls and last time we met time raya..lama sangat tuh. With family commitments and all memang susah la nak cari time nak jumpa walaupon semua orang pon sebenarnye nearby je. This time jumpa pon sebab one of the girls has a good news to share with us ;) Ala bukan tak tahu before that, tapi announce face to face lagi best. Drum roll please...Eisha is getting married this March! Congrats Eisha..so happy for you. The bad news is, her solemnization ceremony will be held the same night as Buble’s concert. Dia siap cakap we all kena choose Buble or dia..huhuh..but after much of negotiation and suggesting alternatives to her..Buble it is ;) We will pay her a visit during the day..plus normally solemnization for family je kan..kan..kan..(Ereen and me had that evil look on our faces that day :P) Takpe Eisha, we promise to be there during your reception. We chose to meet up at Empire..senang sebab semua pon around Subang. Late lunch at Chilis then sambung gossip kat LB but too bad Erin dah kena balik. Bila dah jumpa biasa lah, macam² cerita keluar sampai 4-5 jam lepak pon rasa kejap je. I love you girls!

we shared that molten choc cake for dessert..too full siap tak habis tahpau lagi
love you girls!

erin with her new image..beautiful. reminds me of our sekolah agama days
erin, faz and me used to be in the same primary school, ereen was in another school where else eisha we all kenal time form 3 dulu..there's a story behind that actually ;) 
fiz with faz yang sangat sweet
the only one yang panggil i fiz
see..sweet kan faz..she's slim down a lot..eisha vogue as always ;)
mommy mika and thaqif
ereen, still teringat kat awk nye Espresso tuh. She did not believe us that Espresso tuh kecik macam tuh je. Siap buat muka tak puas hati. Lawak la awak ni!

We said our goodbyes late in the evening. I dengan Ereen macam jakunified (word telah direka sendiri konon macam hebat la..konon..) sikit bila nampak f430 spider (uncle J's) park kat depan my parents house. Ereen, betul la ada word spider tuh..kta ingat awk main² je. Price boleh beli rumah *gigit jari* First time nampak depan mata mesti la over sikit kan sampai bila engine tuh start ada goosebump dan sakit jantung, ok sangat over di situ..tapi betullll..bila lagi nak tengok live macam ni. I rasa kalau orang lain yang bawak sure dah kena marah sebab terlampau kuat bunyi dia. Dah la area my house tuh bukit..so can imagine la how. Apa² pon I sangat respect with my cousins (uncle J's daugthers). They all tak brag pon and very down to earth. I should stop here, penat dah. Owh yes, this entry is an auto-published entry :)

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