Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a little bit of this and that

I think this week is going to be quite a busy week. With the meetings and whatnots but if within the normal working hour, I cannot complain much la kan, kata kerja. It’s only Tuesday and I’m already counting the days to weekend not that I have any interesting plan pon cuma weekend la. If you notice, ada banyak post I publish recently. Some auto-published, some in drafts then terus publish hence explained the rush of photos in the newest entries. Normally I edit siap² dekat rumah then get them uploaded to the draft and bila free at office publish them all. Bukan sebab I’m too free yer and I have nothing else to do than blogging..aiks..why do I need to explain all this huh? I still have one post in draft..outing with my girls time CNY dulu.

I dah start pergi kerja with hubby starting from last week dah. For now he works normal hour and weekend tak kerja. Heaven. Baru nak merasa normal sikit. Sometimes he WFH je if nothing much at the office. Okay la, boleh la relax² sikit.

Owh nak cerita..semalam I main dengan Mika kat luar..main bola. Then at one point, dia terpijak bola and dia jatuh ke belakang. Nasib la dia jatuh slow motion sebab head dia landing atas divider dekat rumput tuh..panic I kejap! I cam takut dia terhentak kuat pastu bleeding and all. Alhamdulillah takde apa², sebab bottom dia dah land dulu, so impact kat head dia tak kuat, nasib! I check beribu kali gaks kot ada scratch luka dan lain-lain..takut woooo..eventhough it’s not my fault dia jatuh tapi kalau dia jatuh and injured himself, memang salah I gaks sebab I ada kat situ. Ok baru balik dari Saba. Kenyang amat padahal baru je post entry makanan arab before that pastu gi makan kat Saba pulak.

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