Wednesday, February 2, 2011

leaving early

Terkejut japs bila dapat call from editors punya boss who is based in Sydney. I thought I have done wrong ke. He rarely call, in fact I think that was the 1st time dia call I directly. Normally dia cakap dengan my boss je or we conference call ramai². Tapi takde la I tak pernah cakap dengan dia langsung. Masa face-to-face talk dengan dia kat Sydney dia macam malu² siap blushing² pulak but a very nice gentle man. He told me that he will be in Cyber's office in March :)

Eh eh, it's already 4:30pm and my boss dah bagi green light to go back early today but why la am I still here? Dah suruh my sub-ordinates yang celebrate CNY to go back at 2.30pm and mereka tiada bantahan, sharp 2.30pm balik dah. Takpe la once in a while. 2 more ppl left..I might as well ask them to go back too if they want as I am leaving in 20 mins time. Everyone is in the mood for to those celebrating CNY, happy CNY! Have a good one beside your loved ones. Yang tak celebrate pon have a good long break, be safe and stay safe. Enjoy!

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