Thursday, February 24, 2011

ccard is a burden..macam tak tahu kan?

Oh sangat sleepy. Dah la baru lepas hujan ni. I had late lunch. Mula² tak nak makan sebab dah breakfast but tiba² rasa nak makan pulak. Biasa la banyak makan kan. Meeting thru lunch sangat la tak best. Rasa macam takde life. Just paid my ccard and no it's not lump sump or what but I do hope to settle it off asap. I have 4 ccards altgother but only using 2..the other 2 kosong or if guna, I cepat² settlekan and that 2 senang nak monitor sebab Maybank punya. The other 2 ni HSBC. I'm thinking of settling off one of the cards..maybe next mth kot. The other one la yang never ending. Sebab I charge montly maxis bill kat situ. On the positive side, I dah jarang guna ccard, which is good. Happy too sebab monthly boleh guna duit untuk benda lain. Live within your needs..holding strong to my mom's words. Ok la, better buat apa yang patut :)

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